We are happy to introduce a new utilitarian app and device handler that allows you to discover, select, and utilize your Amazon Echo Devices within the SmartThings Environment.

We are starting with a limited size Beta release to iron out any last minute issues. We are going to conduct this beta with a maximum of 20 volunteers that meet the following requirements:

  • Must have at least 4 Amazon Echo devices (Ex: Echo, Show, Spot, Dot, Fire Tablet: any generation should be fine)
  • ALL Echo devices must be on a single Amazon account
  • You must be willing to use your devices in automations to make announcements within your home for things like door openings, arrivals, departures, etc.
  • Willing to accurately describe and report all questions, concerns, issues, both negative and positive feedback via group private messaging in this community
  • Must make promise to not disburse any code to any one once you have access
  • Must NOT make any changes to code unless specifically directed by the developer
  • MUST follow all directions exactly and report any and all deviations from said directions
  • MUST be willing to keep ALL beta communication confidential

** A Lambda/AWS developer account is NOT required **

If you are interested and meet the above criteria, please comment below with your Echo information: number/type of Echo devices you will be using in the beta.

When the 20 testers limit is reached, we will begin the beta.

The second post of this thread will be used for updates to the community on the progression of the beta.

Once we have confirmed a stable product and successful beta we will release to the community

Thank you


Post Reserved for Updates:

**UPDATE 9 Nov 2018

We have been in beta for a week, and it is going great.
Our developer has gone places with this you’re not going to expect, but what you can expect… .

A full public release very soon!!

I do not need your email… Just the echo data.
Sorry for the confusion.

I can only tag 10 members in a post… so here is the list.

Beta Participants:
1 - prjct92eh2
2 - DarcRanger
3 - Phil_Driscoll
4 - aruffell
5 - eibyer
6 - loonass
7 - YopakHome
8 - eicher_ian
9 - joelw135
10 - ule
11 - mrhector
12 - Mikey887
13 - Guy1992
14 - jkidd2698
15 - golgo17
16 - Tom_Prendergast
17 - tmleafs
18 - rmikulec
19 - malcom_hill
20 - TonyFleisher
21 - ogiewon
22 - cwwilson08
23 - Bryantrichar
24 - Derrek113116
25 - lactose
26 - blazenmp

What a great response and enthusiasm!

We will be in touch with everyone very soon!

Thank you

will this require a Lambda account?

I am game.

Must have at least 4 Amazon Echo devices : 8 Echo devices and 1 fire tablet available with built in Alexa.
ALL Echo devices are on a single Amazon account.
I will follow the other criteria.


No, a Lambda account and AWS developer account is not required.
You have to meet the above requirements and post with your contact info and number/type of devices.

I’m interested. philtor(at)gmail.com

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In that case, count me in.

1 Echo v1, 1 Dot v1, 1 Dot v2, and one Fire Tablet HD8
Will PM you my email.


2 Echo v1
1 Echo v2
1 Echo Dot v1
3 Echo Dot v2

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Cool, I have 4 echo devices, 2 dots and 2 regulars. Will PM email also.

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I’m interested. Have 5 in total, Echo V2, two dots, one spot and a Echo plus (and a partridge in a pear tree :notes:)

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Hi, Interested.

1 Echo V1
3 Dots V2

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Interested: 2 Dot v2’s, 1 Echo v2, 1 fire 7, and will be getting a couple dot v3’s on BF

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I’M in I hope you mean our user name here!
Echo Show
Echo DOT V2
Echo 2nd Gen
Echo TAP
Fire HD 8
Eufy Gene

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HI, I´m in

4 Echo dot , 1 Echo

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lol… I’ll fill in that post…

Curious to check it out
2x Echo v1
2x Dot v2
2x Echo v2 (arriving tomorrow)

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I’m interested
4 X echo dot
1 X fire tablet
1 X fire TV stick

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4 x Echo Spots
2 x Echo Dots
1 x Amazon Tap

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2 Show’s
1 Echo
4 Dot’s
1 Spot

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Also interested
One show, one echo, four dots, fire tablet,

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