Clipsal Wiser Hub integration Australia

Hello current in the process of installing Clipsal Wiser Zigbee in my new home, is there a driver to integrate the Wiser hub into SmartThings?

The Clipsal Wiser devices have the Matter format, i can setup the devices in SmartThings once removed from the Clipsal Wiser hub through a generic driver but you lose some functionality.


Zigbee profiles that smartthings uses only allows for one Zigbee hub per device. So you cannot have a zigbee network with both the clipsal wiser and a smartthings hub. And a device cannot belong to both hubs.

At the present time, smartthings allows you to add individual devices that support matter, but it does not yet support bringing in a “matter bridge.“ they’ve said they’re going to eventually, so once they do, it would be like adding the Philips Hue hub is now. You would add the other hub that is a Matter bridge, and then it would bring along a lot of its devices with it. But that isn’t here yet.

So for now, there isn’t really a good integration option unless you can go through an intermediary like MQTT, Ifttt, or even Alexa routines. :man_shrugging:t2:

Thanks i was thinking that was the case.

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Wiser is based on Tuya technology.
Tuya Smart Has Signed a Global Partnership with Schneider Electric | news | Tuya Smart

Maybe it is possible to use Tuya integration when connecting to Wiser.

@Paul_Oliver has made a good guide
Smart Life integration (July 2020) - Devices & Integrations - SmartThings Community

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Interesting i keen to do some research on this now to see if possible, thanks for the heads up. Clipsal Wiser in a good system but you cant beat the features and integration options that SmartThings has available.

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Interesting Brilliant fan controller can be integrated to Wiser. Curious if all Brilliant products can be added to Wiser and what other brands?

Did you ever play further with the Clipsal and other hubs (ST or Hue etc). Just ordered a zigbee dimmer module to play with myself before committing further

Did you ever play around with the wiser dimmer? I am trying to find out whether wiser devices works with SmartThings(Aeotec hub). I live in Europe, not sure if that makes any difference.

do you know if the wiser hub actually got the matter update? does it work with homekit?

No, not according to the Schneider European technical support team.