Climax alarm system

I recently purchased an old alarm system on a flea market with the idea of using it’s wireless sensors with smartthings.
They are rebranded by the alarm company, but originally from climax.
A power outlet (pss-23)
A motion sensor (ir-9)
A door sensor (dc-15)
And a few other things, like a keypad.
All with a sticker saying 868 MHz on the back.
The smartthings hub does not find any of the items when searching.
Has anyone attempted anything similar?
Shouldn’t the hub see it as a “thing” no matter what?
(I have both the UK and the US hub, no luck with either. 868 MHz should be European z-wave)
Any information is appreciated.

Are you sure it’s a z-wave device? 868MHz is the European z-wave frequency, but I’m sure it’s possible this company could use a proprietary protocol on the same frequency.

Check and if it’s a certified z-wave device it will be listed there.

Also if it is and-wave device, you should make sure it’s been excluded from any previous z-wave controller, and when the ST hub is in pairing mode, you’ll probably have to push a button on the device. Check the device’s manual; it should be pretty clear whether it’s a z-wave device, and if it is it’ll have instructions for both the exclusion and inclusion procedure.

SmartThings provides instructions on how to exclude a z-wave device that’s not already paired to your ST hub. There are two different versions of the mobile app now.

Oh hi Mark.
Thank you for your reply. I think you are right about it being just on the same frequency, but not a z-wave device. That makes sense since they have a version named ir-9zw also, which must be the z-wave version.
So unfortunately I won’t be able to connect with smartthings.
Luckily it was cheap.
Thanks for the quick response.

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