Old WIRELESS alarm system integration

Hi Guys.

I have an alarm system that is old but wireless. It’s still works but i would like to tie it into smart things.

When i looked at the specs the frequency was almost the same as Zwave - 868.35, i appreciate that z wave is 868.42 but i’ve dug into this to find our that the zwave devices tend to run at 868.35.

When i put the sensors into discovery mode/transmission mode, smartthings cannot find either the PIR or the magnetic door contact.

I have tried creating a device handler but have no idea how i tie the old devices to the device handler i have created. (a simple one from template)

Here are the details



Tansmitter Backup 3.6V ½ AA Lithium Battery
Current Consumption 25mA (transmission), 10µA (standby)
Antenna Built-in Internal Whip
Transmitter Frequency 868.35, 433.92 or 418MHz FM
Transmissions Alarm, Low, Supervision
Gases Detected Methane, Propane, Butane
RFI Immunity 40V/m
Operating Temperature 0-60°C
Dimensions L-65mm x W-30mm x H-16mm

Any help would be appreciated, am i wasting my time trying this? Are these actually ZWAVE?


Doubtful. They probably wouldn’t hide the fact that it uses Z-wave, and it’s not mentioned anywhere in that webpage, or presumably on your devices.

Similar or even same frequency doesn’t necessarily mean the devices speak z-wave.

Also it advertises an optional module that uses X10 in the “home automation” section of that product page. A z-wave based system would be unlikely to rely on an X10 based solution for integrating with home automation controllers.

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The X10 is a module that sits inside the alarm panel and can operate lights etc, its only an add on and not one that is required to work the wireless devices.

As for the ZWAVE, i believe this alarm was about before ZWave was a thing.

You’re probably right though, i would like to know what makes a ZWAVE device