CLI list drivers not in use by devices


just wondering if there is a command in the CLI to list Edge drivers that are not in use by any devices? I can’t seem to find anything in the documentation.


Hi, @cpetzny

No, but you should be able to get the device list where the driverID used by the device is included.
Then, you can compare those values with the results of the drivers installed or packaged in case you have uploaded some on your own.

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I can’t seem to find the right command to do that. None of them look like they include the driverID. At least not that I can see…

It should be included on smartthings devices -j or -y. Not all the device’s details appear on the rendered table because they are a lot, so, adding the flags to see the results in JSON (-j) or YAML (-y) shows the other details.

Pro Tip: To know which flags/parameters you can use, add -h or --help at the end of a command to get its description.