Edge:drivers:install not listing all my drivers

I’m trying to force the update of one of my edge drivers, but it’s not listed when I use edge:drivers:install in the CLI. 41 drivers are listed, but they all seem to be from @Mariano_Colmenarejo’s channel.

Is there a context that my CLI is in, where it’s currently set to a single channel and it must be changed to a different channel?

To cut a long story short …

smartthings config:reset

… should fix the problem.

The CLI can save a preferred hub and channel. It has now been patched to explicitly indicate that a preferred setting is being used and to make sure the saved value is valid but I don’t know if that has rolled out yet and you may have an earlier version anyway.


Thanks, that worked. I had no idea that in the past I had answered to save a default. I can’t remember updating my CLI, so I’m probably running an old version.

It is all too easily done and it is too easy to forget that you should have been prompted for the channel. I raised it as an issue in mid-November and Ross picked it up the very next day and rolled out a really well thought out patch in mid-December.


The issue I see is that even when using --assign, it still fails to prompt me. It always uses the default even when I ask to be prompted.

That’s an interesting one. By using --assign you are basically telling it to automatically do what smartthings edge:channel:assign {{driverid}} does instead of typing it yourself. Normally that would prompt you for a channel but not if you have one already saved.

So if you have version 1.0.1 or later I would expect it to tell you it has used the saved channel. So I think the help text needs refining.

Correct. It just assigns it and says it used it. The --help content says it will prompt you.

The help text for the --assign and --install flags has been updated in the latest CLI release to recognise the saved values may be used.

The latest version of the CLI is currently 1.1.2.

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