CLEVERIO - Humidity and Temperature Sensor [HELP]

Hello everyone!

I am new to smart devices and bought myself a Samsung Smart Hub V3 and CLEVERIO Humidity and Temperature sensor (
I’ve been struggling with setting up the sensor and there is a lack of things about the sensor online (because it seems to be a pretty new product).

Right now the only thing I see out of the box from the sensor is the battery percentage. The humidity and temperature values I can only see if I go into the device itself in the SmartThings Classic application or within the device on the IDE webpage. I would like to pull this information from the device and push it to the SmartThings application (the new one).
Is there anyone that can help me set up a device handler for this?

More info about the sensor:

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from a new Smart Home user

What device type is it showing in the ide?
What is showing for the device (detail page) in the new app?

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This is what it is showing in IDE:

since I am a new user I can only post one image at a time so I’ll create a few more posts under




And this is what shows up in the Samsung SmartThings application on my phone:


SmartThings application for phone

Thank you for your reply @TonyFleisher! :slight_smile:


All I’m looking for is the information within the sensor (humidity and temperature) to be shown in the new samsung smartthings application.

EDIT: after some coding I got the information about all the sensors to show up, but the sensors aren’t updating after I pushed changes to the device.

have the same problem, unless this is fixed, this is the last cleverio product on my side.

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I am calling them directly tomorrow to try and get a code example. I will post the answer I get from them here.

I don’t know of any stock zwave DTHs that have just temperature and humidity. You could try the Zooz 4 in 1 Sensor DTH as a starting point, or maybe one of the Aeon Multisensor DTHs. Those are zwave, and include more capabilities than your device, so they would hopefully at least display all of the data coming from the device.

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Thanks, this might be a solution to try out. I will try this in the morning. In any case, if I find a solution I will write it here.

So using the “Aeon Multisensor” as a base works. I will update here again when I have edited the code to fit the Cleverio sensor better.

Here is working code, it is still a lot of cleanup and some features left I want to do but it is at least a start.


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I’m also a newbie and I had exactly the same issue and everything else just worked but this Cleverio …and the battery that was included was empty. So IDE and upload code mentioned above can I do that from Android App?

But guys I think this should just work w/o fixing it with special code …I return it and buy some other unit.

Please thank you. C

Just go into IDE and upload the code, you should be able to do that from any device. Then just wait a few hours and everything should be working as intended. Currently working on some improvements for faster updates and updates on command (if possible).
This Cleverio thing works out of the box, it’s just that the information does not get updated in the new smartthings application yet. Either you have to use the code I’ve made or you have to wait for a SmartThings update :slight_smile: I am also able to get direct contact with Cleverio through my work and might be able to get the original code for the device. I’ll keep posting updates when I have more inforamtion.

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Thanks Sean, I do it immediately.

I guess it’s not from app though. I just go into desktop mode :slight_smile: Btw do you know why they aren’t support the native ST app full feature, everything today is mobile first and on the go. I’m actually avoid desktop as much as I can except when I’m writing …

Happy to help!

With this code it should be visible in app correctly after a few hours.
I think Cleverio pushed this device to the market too early. All the functionality for the device is there, they just haven’t been added to the device list for Z-Wave. They only show up one place as a manufacturer. They should’ve waited a few months, but they probably thought that Z-Wave had everything ready for them and pushed it anyway.


I am using this and it reports humidity and temperature well, but on the unit in the app I also see fields for “power”, “illuminance” and “dimmer”. And all of these just shows an error (cloud with / across).
Is this due ti some additional code in your DH, or something I can tweak on my side?

So you are saying that there will be support for this device ??? ( newbe to zwawe )

This device works in ST for me. It reports correct values, but in the new app the UI is not working on the unit. But in the old app it works perfectly.

I guess we may need to adjust the DH to get full support in the new UI.

I added this to the "metadata > definition line of the DH and now it works much better in the new app:
ocfDeviceType: "", mnmn: "SmartThings", vid:"generic-humidity"