Clear old photo in SmartThings?

Long ago I some how uploaded a picture to my SmartThings account. It shows up in the app and in the IDE. How can I remove it? I tried the obvious things like tapping on it, taping and holding, looking though all the settings, etc and I can’t find any option to change or remove this picture.

This was under “location settings” in the classic app. I don’t know where it is in the new V3 app. But here are the instructions for the classic, in case that helps communicate to someone who does know how to do it.

Ah, yep that’s where I thought it was. That picture shows the setting right below the name, however it’s no longer there. If this doesn’t exist anymore, I guess only Samsung could clear it on the back end?

be careful, ST support might ask you to reset your hub and delete your location and start fresh :wink: :sunglasses:


I wouldn’t worry about it. The Classic app goes away October 14th and that pic doesn’t show anywhere in the new app.

To change or remove the old photo, you have to install version 2.1.7 of the Classic app. They broke changing any of the pictures a year ago and never fixed it, so the current version of the Classic app won’t work. The picture is only shown in the Classic app (going away) and IDE (going away), so it probably doesn’t matter.

(FWIW, my Location picture stopped showing up for me in both recently, so I’m guessing they broke or eliminated something else)

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Thanks @jlv - I was able to install version 2.17 of the classic app and although it didn’t let me delete my photo, I was able to change it to one of the generic pre-loaded photos.

I know the classic app is going away (although I much prefer it to the new one and will keep using classic as long as possible). When is the IDE going away? I was not aware of that.

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“Phase 3”, which most people read as sometime next year, as defined here: Announcement | Changes to our Legacy SmartThings Platform
The hard dates for “Phase 1” are in this thread: Updates to the SmartThings Platform

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I see. Thanks.