Clear an Intrusion Alert on New App

So I downloaded and use the new SmartThings app. I deleted the old app off my phone as well. I set up all my automations as I did on the old app and it works well.

Here is the issue… when there was motion detected on the old app on my Arlo camera, I had it programmed so that I would get a phone call from Arlo as well as get a text message on my iPhone which was also pushed to my AppleWatch. Once the intrusion alert was received, I would go onto the old app which showed a section in RED and I could click on it. It would then have me click (if I recall) ‘yes’ or ‘no’ at which time, after clicking my choice, the alert would disappear and the RED area would turn back to GREEN and all was good. If I did not clear out this intrusion alert, I would continually get a ST “Reminder:Intrusion Alert” text message every couple hours (which also gets pushed to my AppleWatch). These texts occur every couple of hours and with the phone and watch chimes, it wakes me up.

With the new app, there is no appearance of a red alert section or anywhere to clear this alert and inform the app that the intrusion/motion detection is OK and to clear it. What happened to this feature? How do I clear the alert? I can only find Messages and Notices, but there is no option to clear anything.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.


You completely took apart/uninstalled Smart Home Monitor from the old app, and set up the new SmartThings Home Monitor in the new app, correct?

They are completely different and unique to each app.

When I get an alarm on the new app, I’m able to clear it from the SmartThings Home Monitor box on the home screen of the app, pretty much just like I did with Smart Home Monitor on the old app.

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I do not get any indication on the Main page of the Home Monitor app when I have an alert. Does your home page look different? I have no indication and no option to acknowledge and/or acetone/decline an alert.

Yes, I uninstalled the old app once I confirmed that the new one was installed, set up properly and working fine.

But did you remove any custom alerts in SHM and then remove SHM in the classic app before removing the Classic app?

If not, they are still running in the cloud even though you removed the app. You would need to reinstall the Classic app, remove all those items in the order stated above and then remove the Classic app.

Also, check that you enabled the settings for STHM in the new app

And here is what the alert looks like in the new app…

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Ok, this is great information. So I recall installing the new app while the classic app was also installed. I configured the new app with all the same settings/alerts/automations. When I felt they were working, I just deleted the classic app. I did jot delete any settings first, just simply deleted the app. I will reinstall the classic app, and attempt to delete all the previous settings. Thank you so much. No, I am not getting those alerts on the new app.