Cleanup Dashboard?

I noticed that on the SmartThings website the image of the iOS app seems like it has a much more organized dashboard than I do. Why don’t they have a “Things” category? Is it possible to set up all my devices into groups and hide the “Things” category?

That is an old screenshot, I’m not sure if it doesn’t have “Things” or you just can’t see it.

You can organize your “Things” within the “Things” category into group by dragging them onto each other. The first one you drag onto the next will give you the option to create group name.

The Dashboard items of Home & Family, Lights & Switches etc you can also do. You have to go into the section, go to the gear and then select the items you want and how you want them to act.

The screenshot just has the Things module cutoff. The Things module is meant to be a carry over from some previous work in the app. Its the place you can control individual “things” (i.e. devices, outlets, bulbs etc). It’s also the gateway to controlling a single device. The other modules on the dashboard provide easy ways to group and use those devices in automation and alert scenarios.

As a user you have the option of reordering the modules you see on the dashboard by tapping and holding on a module to drag it around. If you find yourself using the Lights and Switches module more you can drag it to the top and/or drag the Things modules down to the bottom.

My issues is similar but not answered here. I have added 10 Things, but they are all in the “Things” module. So my dashboard just shows “Home & Family” and “Things”, despite the fact that I have a lock, lights/dimmers, and two thermostats, most of which are ST supported devices.

Yes, once I click on Things, I can group them (by room, or whatever). But my Dashboard is not very useful b/c I am missing modules like Lights & Switches, Doors & Locks, etc. I have searched extensively but cannot figure out how to change this.

So the Things module is a representation of your devices and are a way to control them. Groups you create in the Things module are just logical groupings of those devices to that your Things module is a little more organized.

The other modules like Lights and Switches or Doors & Locks are really just SmartApps. Those module SmartApps allow you to configure child SmartApps (like a Light) which can reference a device. The child SmartApp (Light) then allows you to easily configure a variety of use cases (eg. Turn light on when door opens). When the device changes state it notifies all it’s SmartApps to update, thus changing the text under the module name on your dashboard.

Now to your question… To get Light and Switches or Doors and Locks installed on your dashboard you need to configure a use case for that device. An example for Light and Switches can be found under the Plus button (SmartSetup) Actions -> Lighting -> Turn on when a door or window is opened (you could also just get the shortcut by selecting “Add shortcuts for groups or individual lights and switches…”). For doors and locks a possible use case would be under the plus again (SmartSetup) Alerts -> Access & Entryways -> “Receive an alert if you have left your door open for longer than a specified time”.

In general anything you add or configure under the Plus button (SmartSetup) and under Alerts or Actions will install a SmartApp and install or add to existing dashboard module.

@kleneau sorry to drag up an old post, I just thought I’d share this with you as I see you’re the Mobile Lead, it took me 20 minutes to figure out how to get Home & Family onto my dashboard. I really like the “KPI” style dots that these smartapp dashboard tiles have, especially for my doors, I feel it’s a little counter intuitive how to add these tiles though.

I would expect the second I connect a presence sensor it should add that tile, maybe show an “!” showing me it hasn’t been configured yet but less hoops to jump through.

Just my two cents, thanks keep up the good work!

Is there a way to organize the items within a particular dashboard? For example, I setup the Back Door open close sensor before the Front Door, but would like the Front Door to show at the top when I open the Doors & Locks dashboard. Is there anyway to do that or are they just lumped in as you set them up?