Grouping Devices in the Things Category

I just found this out today, but you can group devices in the Things category by long pressing on a device and dragging it on top of another device. This works for the Android app and I am not sure about the iOS app.

Yes it works the Same for iOS.

Yup :slight_smile: And also shake the phone to see labels.

What I’d like to see next is groups within groups.

Then I can have an “upstairs” group and a group for each bedroom inside of that group.


I would like to see the group icon change color based on the state of anything in the group. For example, I have livingroom, bedroom, garage as groups and it would be nice to know that if the icon is green in the livingroom, I left something on. I have 3 nest protects that I chose to not group because I want to quickly see what their status is.

Thanks for the tip on the shake feature… had no idea that was a feature and that helps a ton (always scratched my head why labels weren’t available on a screen full of lightbulbs). Text should be configurable so you can choose to fit more on the screen because “Livingroom Table Lamp” doesn’t fit well and my wife would not get used to shorthand such as “LR Tbl Lmp”.

Great product and it keeps getting better, keep up the good work!


You can also group Things and schedule them together through the Lights and Switches feature.


Is there a way to setup a group of only 1 item? Most of my rooms only have 1 device so far…I’m just setting up my system. However, I’d like a simple group to say “Bedroom” and place one light in it. This type of arrangement will make the wife acceptance factor go way up. Shaking the phone in a screen of “Things” to see exactly where they are located/named won’t get used much.

You can have a group of just one item, that’s no problem.

In addition, take a look at SmartTiles (previously called ActiON). Community created dashboard app, very popular. Free to try Shareware. You will find much discussion of it in the forums. It can solve the “where are my devices?” Issue you run into with the mobile app. :sunglasses:

How do you have a group of just 1 device? I haven’t been able to figure it out. The “group” function only seems to work when you press/hold a device and drag it on top of another device. Then you get the request to name the grouping.

My bad–there are different kinds of device groups in smartthings. There are shortcut groups which can include a group of one, and then there are the groups that appear on the things screen. The shortcut groups do display text, which is useful, but it’s a different screen in the mobile app.

Ok…yeah, I tried the Lights and Switches schedule idea earlier…it doesn’t allow me to bundle the motion detector into the group…just switches and lights.

Hello Guys, new with smartthings…am I missing something here…I’m not sure how to group devices using the ‘hold and drag’ method. Nothig happens when I ‘hold’ on a device.

This was old functionality that predated v2 of the app and the rooms organization. Now you create rooms to groups Things.

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Thanks Scott G…Was trying to group devices so amazon echo can control but just realized Echo’s app has its own grouping function.

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