Clasic app on adt. Shows red unable to clear alarm

I had a alarm and canceled it. But the app is now red. I can arm and disable bt it s read
You can not edit the settings until the alarm is cleared. I rebooted the HUB but that did not fix it. Any ideals on how to clear the red screen from the app.

Will it let you arm / disarm from the app or are you doing so from the panel?

Yes it all works from the pannel and the app. Its just red. If you go to setup and try to change any of the sensor names you get a message that you have to clear alarms firsy

Do you have any custom code running on it? I am wondering if maybe you could uninstall and reinstall the app to see if that clears it

Can you try removing the back panel to trigger a tamper event and then re-install the back panel?

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I do but most of the custom cor routines are on another hub not this one.

I set off the alarm again and this time when i disarmed it it fixed the problem. I think it was caused because i disarmed it the first time on the adt hub while the app was open on my phone.

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Not to disagree with you, but htat wasn’t my experience… I have had alarms triggered which were disarmed from the panel while the app was open on my phone. BUT… I use an Android, maybe results with an iPhone are different?

Very odd behavior for sure…

Yea i dont know im am using android its not the app because i reinstalled and that didnt fix it. it somehow missed the reset. . the second alarm cleared it.

Not sure how long you’ve been here. I had something similar when I had SHM configured on my ADT hub at first, an SHM alarm went off, and I cancelled it form the panel, but it made SHM go away… I wish I could recall how I managed to clear it, but long story short, SHM is long gone on this hub…