ADT ST HUB - App unable to retrieve alarm state

Hi, I’ve got the hub up and running in the UK (by removing the cellular unit) - everything seems to be up and running on the hub - weather / location is recognised and alarm state can be changed. But on the classic app I can’t see or change the alarm state - it says ‘unable to load home security’ and ‘unable to retrieve the state’. Does anyone know how to resolve this, or has anyone got this working properly outside the US?

I am also using smart home monitor (SHM) - so could this have something to do with the issue?!


You have to force-quit and restart the application. Works like a charm every time (ignoring the fact how long that takes if you need to disable a false alarm…)
I reported this bug about 9 months ago and the good people at SmartThings were able to reproduce it. However, apparently they still don’t see the need to actually fix it.

I suggest that you open a ticket with them as well – power in numbers!

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Hi Andreas, thanks for your reply! Not sure how I force quit and restart on my iphone- how do you mean exactly?


Invoke the app switcher (double-tap the home button or swipe up on an iPhone without a home button) and the swipe up the thumbnail of the ST apps out of the view.

Thanks Andreas, that didn’t work unfortunately so I have contacted Smartthings, maybe this is an issue with using the hub outside of the US? It’s a shame, although I’ll still get notifications if the alarm is triggered, I wont be able to turn it off using the app! So not sure if the hub is going to meet my needs… thanks anyway.