Circle though light dimming values with single button?

Is there a way to circle through a set of if/then conditions for a button?

For example, I‘d like to setup a button so that I can circle through a set of dimming values for a light. Let‘s say button press 1 sets the light to 30%, the next time you press the same button sets the light to 60%, then to 100% and back to 30%.

Yes of course.

put the conditions:

  • If x button pressed
  • light “off”
  • Light on at 30%

  • If x button pressed
  • light on
  • level 30%
  • Light at level 60%

Repeat automations for different% values

Where do I actually find the options to define those conditions you‘re referring to? Do I need to use the Smart Lighting App to do this?

I just used to select the button from the devices tap in the ST, selected one of the available button options (like „pressed“ or „double pressed) and clicked my way through the couple of options available there.

With automations
Example 1°

2° automation

3° automation

4° Automation

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I’m glad it works for you

ABC Manager

Yes, it took me some time to realize that I had to set “light on” and “light on at 30%” at a precondition. Otherwise I got stuck in an endless circle, where a button press initiated all automations in a row.

Thanks for the assistance. :+1:

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The use of the preconditions gives more possibilities of use, but If not used well, it will not work as expected and has its peculiarities.
As a rule, I am putting as a precondition devices that I do not want to use as an automation trigger.
For example, in this case, I want the button press as a trigger, since I put that as a trigger condition (normal condition) and the rest of devices state as preconditions.

This way only automation is evaluated when the button is pressed.