Setting dimmer below 10%

All, I did a search but could not find any app that allows setting a dimmer below 10% as part of a “hello home” or mode change command.

I’d like to be able to have certain lights dim to 1% when I set the mode to “night.” I know the bulbs will dim to 1% because I can manually dim them to this level using the slider on the light’s tile. When I want to make this automatic, I am however, limited to 10%, 20%, 30% etc.

Anyone know of an app that lets me do this? I have NO programming knowledge, so I’m looking for a copy and paste deal…


What app do you like and maybe someone can config it for you to do the 1%.

It wouldn’t be too difficult to write this.

@potus, are you using LED bulbs? I’ve noticed that 10% on a LED bulb provide way more than 10% of the light, it would seem. Makes me think that there must be some kind of non-linear profile mapped against the % that maybe was set up for an incandescent bulb.

Like @craig wrote, changing the list of possible settings is super easy once you get past the learning curve of the IDE.

@AaronZON and @craig

Thanks for the responses. I managed to find a scene creator app published by Anthony Pastor that appears to meet my need. I’ll give it a shot tonight to see if it works. Learning to code is on my “to do” list.

The ST community sure is great!

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So, new question. I (now) use several overhead lights set on 1% as nightlights when I am in night mode. If I am in night mode, and manually turn on the light at the switch to 100%, when I turn off the light at the switch, it will turn off, rather than go back to 1%.

Is there an app that addresses this? Basically, it would be logic statement that if mode X and dimmer Y is toggled off, turn on dimmer Y and dim it to setting Z.


There’s not an app but if you started writing your own this is what you need to do:

Listen for the “OFF” command. When you get the off command turn the light back on at 1%. To make this program even more simple don’t worry about the mode aspect of it. Once you install the app STs typically allows you to determine what modes to run a mode on.

If you give it a shot and send the code I don’t mind taking a look.

@craig, thanks. What do you mean when you say listen for the off command? Is there a good guide I can read to get started? I have zero programming experience.

Listen = Subscribe. If you haven’t already, it is worth it to take a look at the documentation: If you give this a go, there are a lot of folks who will help you here.

@potus I apologize I’ve been away for a few days. @AaronZON is exactly right in what I was suggesting. Did you get a chance to take a look / get it working?

Thanks @AaronZON and @craig.

I haven’t had a chance yet to jump in. Work has been quite busy! When I have time, I’m going to give it a go. I expect perhaps this weekend.

@potus, I can’t seem to fine the scene creator app. Do you mind share the code with me please?

@veni - my user name is “infofiend” here and on github.