Cielo Wigle AC Controller

Does anyone or has anyone been able to integrate the Cielo Wigle AC IR controller to smartthings?
I just ordered one and I would like to figure out how to integrate with the rest of the world.

Do they have an open API? IFTTT channel?

Not sure. They work with Alexa and GH. I did not see a IFTTT channel.

Open API or IFTTT channel are your best bets to integrate a device like this with ST.

I reached out to them last month and received this:

“We are glad to inform you that our Tech team is already working on “Smart Things”. We will be releasing the compatibility with SmartThings early next month i.e. May, 2020. We will make sure to inform you once the update gets released.”

So full support should be coming at some point this month!

Will be great as there is nothing else that will control my Mr. Cool minisplit. I already tried the Cielo app, and it works great with my Mr. Cool.

FYI for others, there are two USB sticks Mr. Cool used. The current one is made by Cielo. The old one wasn’t (so no smartthings support is coming for those that I know of).

Any movement on the release date of the integration?

I was just going through their website and now they are compatible with SmartThings. Glad they are now!! Was anxiously waiting since I use SmartThings for most of my household appliances. Here’s the link to their blog. I hope it helps. So excited to use Cielo Breez Plus now.

Cielo has just recently launched IFTTT integration too. Its amazing, checkout here