AC control (2021)

Hi, I’ve already integrated most of the stuff, unfortunately I’m still left with the AC control problem. I previously used a broadlink mini 3 but I see there is a problem integrating it with smartthings, I also have a Logitech harmony but as you know it is no longer supported smartthing. So the question is, what do you use to control the air conditioning so that it can be integrated seamlessly?

You can still use Logitech Harmony for now, but you have to install the integration from the Harmony side. And that integration may stop working pretty soon once the transition to the new ST platform is complete.

If you open the ST app, go to Add a Device, and search by device type, you will see a category for Air Conditioners. Open that and see what’s listed.

As long as your A/C takes IR commands, the smoothest integration as of this posting will probably be with the $69 Cielo Breeze Eco, if that integration show up in your app.

It’s basically like a BroadLink specifically designed for A/C control, with a manufacturer-provided ST integration.

You can control your AC using SmartThings app. It will give you the following controls:

  1. Turn your AC On/Off.
  2. Change your AC’s mode between Heat, Cool, Auto, Dry, and Fan.
  3. Increase or decrease the AC’s set point temperature.
    The SmartThings app also shows you the current room temperature and humidity as sensed by the Cielo device.

(That screenshot is from the manufacturer site. I don’t know exactly which options are available in smartthings routines, though, or if the temperature sensor is exposed for ST use. But you can definitely see the information and change it manually.)

There are some options with some other IR blasters, like SwitchBot, but the integration for air conditioners is much clunkier and typically based on scenes. So if the Cielo fits your budget, I would try that first. For the extra $30 or so you get a lot more ST functionality. :sunglasses: