Smart things compatibility with LG ThinQ AC

Hello, I have an LG ThinQ dual inverter AC and have -unsuccessfully- tried to link to smart things app. It works fine with its own LG app but can’t link to Smart Things. Wanted to see if anyone can save me some time with this…
I am not a developer, a rookie rather. …don’t understand code.

There’s no direct integration available at this time for that model. :disappointed_relieved:

You can get some partial indirect integration by using Alexa routines if that’s of any interest.

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I’m using a Cielo Breez, which does integrate into Smartthings, to control my Fujitsu AC. I don’t even use the app anymore for the one controlled by the Cielo.

Been searching about, HomeAssistant has an integration, but it’s with running a python script. Would be awesome if someone could convert it, potentially with using a bridge or something…


Good point, the Cielo breeze (which essentially works like the air conditioner’s handheld remote, but has a good smartthings integration) is a good way to integrate many different air conditioner brands with smartthings as long as you are willing to pay $75 or so for the extra device. Certainly you’d get better integration than the Alexa routines method I mentioned. :sunglasses:

There’s also the light version, which doesn’t have any buttons. I’m thinking of getting those for the children’s bedroom. They don’t need the extra functionality and I’ll be boss of the temperature :rofl: That’s only 59$ and a 10% coupon available at the moment.

Now not needing an extra device and native (looking) integration is always best.
A small issue, bit technical and not so noticeable in Smartthings, but gets bigger in Sharptools, is the Cielo only reports cooling temperature setpoint, even when in heating mode. As a result, even when heating, Smartthings will have a text cooling temperature. In Sharptools it’s a bigger issue, because the tile shows the buttons according to the mode. In heating mode it will show buttons for heating set point, which the cielo doesn’t understand. Hence when heating, you need to set temperature in the detailed menu instead of the tile.

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