Custom SmartThings device handlers needed for Cielo Breez Plus And TTlock door lock

Any programmers / coders that I can hire to create a device handler or software to integrate these 2 products below into SmartThings? I have 17 of each of these units currently for my Airbnb business and I want to use them with my SmartThings integrations. Thanks!

Given that they already have an Amazon skill they should work with our team to use SmartThings schema. I will refer a colleague to their website.


Thank you! I am very eager to get this done as I need them to work for my business, I am open to leaving my contact info if that is allowed to help get this going, I have already contacted the manufacturers with no help.

This is what I’d like to see less and less of - ie, unhelpful manufacturers.

Any manufacturer of a high quality smart / connectable device should consider that working with SmartThings is an invaluable opportunity.

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With TTLock (I have a few) which uses a Bluetooth to WiFi bridge I have a feeling that you may have to use a local API Link into the bridge (if it is even possible) but I could be wrong. With that in mind you will most likely need a Smartthings hub at each location or at the very least use port forwarding or similar on your router. I do doubt you will be able to link directly into their servers to access your locks but again could be wrong.
I just wanted to put this out there as you mentioned several locations so please keep that in mind.

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