Custom SmartThings device handlers needed for Cielo Breez Plus And TTlock door lock

Any programmers / coders that I can hire to create a device handler or software to integrate these 2 products below into SmartThings? I have 17 of each of these units currently for my Airbnb business and I want to use them with my SmartThings integrations. Thanks!

Given that they already have an Amazon skill they should work with our team to use SmartThings schema. I will refer a colleague to their website.


Thank you! I am very eager to get this done as I need them to work for my business, I am open to leaving my contact info if that is allowed to help get this going, I have already contacted the manufacturers with no help.

This is what I’d like to see less and less of - ie, unhelpful manufacturers.

Any manufacturer of a high quality smart / connectable device should consider that working with SmartThings is an invaluable opportunity.

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With TTLock (I have a few) which uses a Bluetooth to WiFi bridge I have a feeling that you may have to use a local API Link into the bridge (if it is even possible) but I could be wrong. With that in mind you will most likely need a Smartthings hub at each location or at the very least use port forwarding or similar on your router. I do doubt you will be able to link directly into their servers to access your locks but again could be wrong.
I just wanted to put this out there as you mentioned several locations so please keep that in mind.

I reached out to them last month and received this:

“We are glad to inform you that our Tech team is already working on “Smart Things”. We will be releasing the compatibility with SmartThings early next month i.e. May, 2020. We will make sure to inform you once the update gets released.”

So full support should be coming at some point this month!

Will be great as there is nothing else that will control my Mr. Cool minisplit. I already tried the Cielo app, and it works great with my Mr. Cool.

FYI for others, there are two USB sticks Mr. Cool used. The current one is made by Cielo. The old one wasn’t (so no smartthings support is coming for those that I know of).

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