Chromecast $25 at Staples on Black Friday!

If you are looking to plan ahead, this might one deal to go with to add to your GH set up :slight_smile:

EDIT: at Staples


awesome! hope we see more of these. would love to see combo packs. I need a few Chromecast Audio and Chromecasts

me too. I only need 3 chromecasts, and probably 1 or 2 audio

are these the old models or the new ones?

Please post a link.

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That add also states that for Black Friday the Echo Dot will be $39.99 at Staples.

Yes, it does. Also, Sears Ad was just leaked, and they’ll have the echo for 139.99. I wonder if there should a specific post for all black friday HA deals

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I’m holding out for the Ultra for video, and I would like another CC Audio but I’m waiting to hear if Google Home works as one of those.

I dont ahve any 4k TVs, and At this time I do not forsee getting one soon, so 2nd gen chromcast will work. Also, I believe the GH has cast capabilities built in, so I am sure it works as one, but I can’t confirm

Same price at Walmart on Black Friday

It will also be at the same price at target on Black Friday. I don’t know whether these guys are matching each other’s prices or whether there’s a manufacture promotion, but it looks like $25 Chromecasts will be available at quite a few places for Black Friday. :sunglasses: Of course they might be selling five each…

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You are write, all major retailers are running the same sale. There are a few HA items on best buy including a 4 arlo kit for $350, and the ring for $125

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My thoughts exactly. I think mine MIGHT have a total of 5 hours of actual use over the past 14 (?) months. With several places having Dot2 for $40 ,I can’t see a very high demand for CCA, unless somebody is very highly invested in Google infrastructure.

I should put mine in the FSOT thread. Anything of equal value, like a $3 Wink Bulb or something LOL

you can donate yours to me :slight_smile:
I am adding because I have 2 non-smart tvs, and al want to add the GH capability

CCA are for streaming music to an attached speaker, not TV. Only Bluetooth ( when it works) and 3.5mm audio out.

I wish that regular chromecast can be added to an audio group. All I want to do is have music videos playing on TV and sound come out of speakers so my house can look like a club when I have a party LOL.

With that said I hope we see more combo packs this year as opposed to just sale items on individual chromecast. I need atleast 2 of each right now lol.

I really like my CCA and it gets regular use. I’m happy to pick up another cheap :slight_smile:

The one I currently have is connected to my AVR with an optical cable. My Harmony remote has an activity for it and it sounds quite good. Of course I have a good AVR and speakers set up for surround sound.

I also tried it on my Bose Soundlink. Using Google Play Music via a regular cable sounds nice too. CCA sounds much better than my phone with BT (to the same SoundLink speaker) but the best part is that with CCA, text notifications and such are not mixed with the music.

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