Outdoor Speaker w Chromcast Built-in

Any ideas of decent/affordable products out there? I was looking into the JBL Link 10 ($79) and 20 ($99). Also saw the JBL Flip 4 ($59), it says it has google assistant but its unclear whether the CA is built in. Any suggestions?

Good option

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I am so mad I didnt buy it yesterday when they were onsales, they are back to 150 and 200!

Yeah, I am always on the prowl for the deals. They don’t come as often as they use to. I purchased 8 Amazon Echos because they were 2 for $100 with $10 off at QVC. This is after me having 3 Dots sitting in the box with no where to put them…

That’s like me having 1 mini and a few chromecast audios new in box in the garage. I wanted to buy a GH Hub, but I am not sure if I would get any use from it (more like the wife might question me)

I have speakers wired in the ceiling of my back patio. I connected them to a cheap amp from amazon inside the house and have chromecast audio plugged into the amp. works like a charm for casting music to the back yard.

If they have assistant, you will be able to cast to them to play audio as well. That is true of all GA equipped speakers TMK.