Choose devices to synchronize or export to Alexa

The old Smartthings app allowed us to choose which items to synchronize or not with Alexa. As nowadays it is not possible in the new Smartthings app, I have several duplicated items in my Alexa app (Alexa is linked with Smartthings and Tuya Smartlife and Smartthings is linked with Tuya Smartlife too).

This is horrible problem for me. Not only concerning organizational matters, but functional issues too. In my case, I have a curtain motor registered in Smartlife that doesn’t appears duplicated in Alexa app, but I think because a bad resolution logic in Alexa, the motor appears only once (as an Smartthings exported device).

Unfortunately, the use of this particular “device coming from Smartthings” in Alexa is not possible or unstable. I know that because when a delete the curtain motor from Smartthings, Alexa magically shows only the device coming from Smartlife and it work as expected. If Smartthings app permitted choose the devices I want bring to Alexa (as in the past), I would exclude my curtain motor for sure and my problem would disappear!

Please, is there any prediction to bring this feature again? Or could you suggest other option for my case? Thanks in advance.

You can disable the devices in Alexa that you don’t want to use in Alexa. Then they will not cause any problems.

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Unfortunately, this approach doesn’t work in my case. For some unknown reason, this device in particular (wifi curtain motor) are not duplicated in Alexa. Alexas devices section shows only the device from the Smartthings integration. Because of that, if a disable this device in Alexa, I won’t be able to control it at all. As I said, the Smart Life version of my device only appears in Alexa after I delete the “Smartthings version” of this device (in Alexa). This is the main reason I’ve opened this conversation, but is very frustrating too see all my lamps, sockets, sensors and other things duplicated in Alexa, even disabling the devices exported by Smartthings, as you said.