Duplicated items smart things/alexa

I’m using the New Smartthings App which I downloaded a few days ago. I deleted the old app and all seemed to work OK after the transition. All my devices and scenes are intact.

A couple of days ago I asked Alexa to turn on Goodnight (which I have done successfully for years). But it couldn’t. Alexa said I had multiple good nights scenes. Deleted one of them and it worked fine. Next day, I have multiple GoodNight scenes again. (along with all the common scenes being duplicated). I have deleted all scenes on smart things and run discover on alexa but am still getting duplicated items reported when I ask alexa to run bedtime, any help appreciated

I think the trick is not to delete duplicates but to disable them. This is an ongoing problem with the new Alexa integration with many community members complaining of the same issue.

The duplicates are discussed/reported/asking-for-a-fix-from-SmartThings in this thread: