Door/Window Open Chime

I’ve been thinking about working a project/app that would duplicate the chime that some security systems trigger when a door or window is opened in a house during times when the system is not secured.

The usually operation is triggered by a open close sensor and initiates a speaker of some sort to emit a pleasant (non alerting) beep or tone.

I was looking at using one of the Fortrezz Siren/Strobes but I’m not sure this has any other ability for tone than full on alert mode.

Has anyone else tried something similar or had any luck with tones in general? Looking for a connected thing able to be triggered and play different tones based on the situation.

I wonder if you could use the beep from the presence tag some how?

I did this 2 different ways.

  1. Plug an x-10 chime module into an Insteon switch. When (in my case, the aeon sensor outside my front door trips, it turns the switch in and the chime chimes. I added another smartapp, I think its called power saver to turn the switch of thereby resetting the chime after 1 minute.
  2. Disconnect the sounder in the strobe/siren module and hook up a low voltage relay to the sounder leads. This lets you control anything, like a doorbell or any device that needs either a contact closure or application of +vcc to power something anything actually.

If you want different chimes based on different events, the most cost effective way would likely be a smart shield and you could wire different types of sounders depending on what data the shield receives.

I just realized you could use a zfm80us relay switch and not have to sacrifice a sounder. It will require wall mounting in an switch box but gives you z-wave controllable relay contacts. I use that to turn on a group of 12V IR illuminators for my outdoor cameras when the aeon sensor luminance drops to a certain point (about half an hour past sunset).