Doorbell/door entry chime?

I have an idea and want to know what you guys thing/ or any other ideas.

I’m looking to get a doorbell that has at least 3 chimes that can be installed onto the doorbell (MP3).
Next I’d get 2 dry contact relay and wire them up with 2 of the doorbells. I’d then install 3 chimes for example a Ding, a Dong, and the Westminster ( the whole ding dong ding dong… :joy:).
Next I’d have one of the dry contact relays play the ding tune every time a door opens, and the other will play a song every time a door closes (doors have ST multi sensor). And the 3rd bell will go to the front door doorbell like usual.
I am having trouble finding a doorbell chime that meets those requirements, and I’m sure this will get “too expensive” so I’m open to suggestions. I have looked into the aeon labs siren and it doesn’t seem to fit my requirements.

Aeon makes two different devices, the siren and the doorbell. The doorbell can store multiple MP3s. Did you look at that one?

Thanks for the reply. I just looked into it, however I see nothing saying it supports multiple bells or multiple chimes simultaneously. I also forgot to mansion aesthetics are important but not necessary. (Front doorbell especially)

Look at the thread linked to within that topic on the device handler and you’ll see how people are using it.

Another alternative is just a Sonos type music player, although there are also many less expensive ones that will work with SmartThings.

The point is just that there are a lot of different ways to play different sounds for different sensors using SmartThings.

In the past, the trickiest part has been an actual button for The doorbell button. But now there are several options for this, including the aeon doorbell, The iris smart button, the flic button, etc.

But as far as triggering different sounds when different sensors fire, that’s pretty easy. :sunglasses:

Sorry, try this one for the doorbell. You can associate one track with the button push and others with other ST events. :sunglasses:


Your “mistake” wasn’t much of a mistake, I just ran into my old neighbor on that topic that initially introduced me to ST! Funny how things happen!

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If you are setting up an android “control center” tablet, it could easily handle playing a different MP3 for every different ST event in your home.

The Aeon Labs Doorbell is my favorite device which is why I created the device handler @JDRoberts posted and the stripped down version of it which I’ve submitted to be published.

The full version can easily be used with SHM and Notify with Sound, but there’s sometimes a 1-3 second delay before the mp3 starts playing and you can’t play a second mp3 until the first one stops playing.

The other device handler allows you to use it as a switch to play a specific mp3, and a alarm to play another, but to play them by track number you’ll need to use Rule Machine and setup custom commands. The delay isn’t as bad with this version and it allows you to cut off a playing mp3 by playing another.

Long story short, if you’re using one of these devices to play an mp3 when a door is opened and a different mp3 when that door is closed, don’t expect it to always work perfectly. especially when SmartThings is running slowly.

You might want to take a look at LANnouncer which uses an Android device running 5.1 or better. I use it with Rule Machine and Big Talker for various tasks.

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Hey Jim,
Thanks for the reply, this brings up multiple questions.
Which “android device” would I use that is loud enough to be a doorbell?

Where would I put this setup? When I think of a doorbell I assume it is in a hallway towards the center of a house.

How would I still be able to get it to ring when someone pushes the doorbell at the front door? Or would I need to buy a separate doorbell for that? If I do that it seems like it would be cheaper/ more reliable/ and more aesthetically pleasing to buy 2 doorbells; one with mp3 capabilities and another for the front door. This way I’ll have the mp3 doorbell play the entry sounds via 2 zwave dry contact relays.

If you go with the aeon labs doorbell for the mp3 functionality, that device handler raises the button one pushed event so you can use the button to do something other than playing an mp3. (panic button, turn on light, change modes, etc)

I use a Nexus 7 tablet android device running LANnouncer and for most sounds (I just live in a single story 1500 sq ft house), the tablet itself is loud enough but you could plug in an external speaker or connect via bluetooth. I have connected it to my Amazon Echo for example and it can get quite loud.

LANnouncer can play MP3 files which I haven’t tried yet but using Big Talker, I can use a chime sound, siren sound, doorbell sound, or just voice via TTS. Using Rule Machine, I can use the TTS function for additional voice with its rules that I create.

All this can happen with a simple Open/Close contact switch on the door which I currently use. I also have a motion detector aimed at just the front door area so people don’t even have to ring the door bell and I know that someone is at the door. I have to admit though that using a motion detector outside is usually not recommended due to lots of false alarms. I’ve tried to narrow my motion sensing area but I still do get the occasional false alarm.

For the door bell part, I haven’t utilized it but you would have to either replace the existing doorbell with a Z-wave or Zigbee button but I hear there are some inherent problems that due to battery saving measures, they often require two presses, one to wake them up and another press to actually do something. I think the same goes for the Aeon Labs Doorbell switch. If you could somehow figure out a way to tap into your existing doorbell to a contact switch would probably work best. Here’s an old thread that touches briefly on that topic:

Finally, another option is to go with a pressure sensitive mat under your Welcome mat:

Since I don’t have any android devices I feel like that could get pretty expensive.
This setup is for a new construction home so I really want fill the spot on the wall where the doorbell wires are located, as well as making it look good.

I was looking at the new MIMO which says it can control 2 dry contacts which is perfect for what I need. However I cant find one for sale anywhere and their website say “coming soon”

It seems like I’ll end up going with the MIMO for the entry (ding for door open and dong for door closed) and have the doorbell wired. (that pressure matt is tempting to buy and I just might get one)

Only thing I need to find is either a doorbell that supports 3 buttons and has mp3, or 2 doorbells one with 2 buttons and mp3 and another with the westminster chime for the front door.

If I can find one doorbell that does 3 buttons i’m assuming it should cost around 150$ for the whole setup (not sure how much the MIMO costs bot the MIMOlite is advertised as 60$

You could get one as low as $20 at Walmart: