Childtile in new app

My DTH has a childtile which, of course, shows perfectly in classic but causes a big odd “button” tile (that you can’t interact with) to show up in the new app. Is this a known thing? If the new app supports child tiles, how do they need to be done? The child DTH displays fine in the new app, but the child tile doesn’t. Is there some documentation on how to make that happen?

Do you have vid and OCF metadata assigned to it?

Actually I do, for both the parent and the child metadata. Thought I didn’t, but just double checked.

strange. Does your DTH child have a weird combination of capabilites? If you switch to a standard child DTH, does it work?

Well…I removed it, changed the child device that gets created to just the generic “child switch” and rejoined it and I no longer have an odd button. I actually have no additional button on the parent device in the new app, but still working perfect in classic.

Is there an example somewhere of a child tile/composite device being properly displayed in the new app??

the default Zooz double plug handlers work great for me. If you’re expecting all of the switches to have tiles in one device page, that won’t happen in the new app. Each switch should create its own device and only show the switch for that device

That’s actually exactly what I was trying to work out! :slight_smile: Two switches on same device (one main, one endpoint). Wanted them as a “composite device” in the new app like they would appear in classic.

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As so many of us want as well. A good use for something like that would be the new Zooz Zen30 switch, right? :wink:

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I haven’t seen any example of this with switch capabilities. I have seen it for multi buttons. They have some mcdsync metadata that may or may not enable this, but then you probably need a VID For switches to support it also.

If you’re on a deadline, I’d just release the DTH conforming to current new app limitations and update later if ST ever shed light on this being possible for switches.

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@prjct92eh2 - Not a deadline, per se, but did want to get it pushed out at least (which I just did).

@johnconstantelo - coincidentally enough…[Release] Zooz Zen30 :slight_smile:


Child-tile works well in “Ikea dimmer” which have “ocfDeviceType” and “mcdSync: true” flag

But the problem is… writing “ocfDeviceType” and “mcdSync: true” is not just enough to make everything work properly in new app.

To test this,

If you just COPY the source code of “Ikea Button” dth above, and only change the name of the device handler, for example, to “Ikea Button2”.

change isIkeaRemoteControl() method to
private boolean isIkeaRemoteControl() { return true}
to mimic Ikea button,

and create a device using that device handler, (or use simulator), to make a virtual device with this DTH


then these problem only occur in copied DTH.

(Problem 1)
child Buttons show, but, “supportedButtonValues” are being ignored when displaying buttons

(Problem 2)
New app automation is not working properly for child buttons

(Problem 3)
the name in “componentLabel” does not show up, as in original DTH.

There must be some hidden code in Ikea button DTH other than shown in github code to work for New app’s device controller page.

It would be best, if just adding “mcdSync: true” and “ocfdevicetype” would be enough to make multi-button DTH to work properly in new app.

Do you have any plan to fix this problem in smarttings team?

Why I need this fix is …
actually I’m re-writing a DTH for multi button zigbee device (actually it is Hue Dimmer Switch) by modifying Ikea Button DTH…
I expected it to work correctly in New app, but very same problem occurs as above.
(Of course, it works fine in classic app)

I’m sure it’s not the problem of virtual vs physical device. There must be something unknown behind Ikea DTH.

---- original Ikea button DTH (supposed to show like this)

---- copied Ikea button DTH (with error)

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FYI, this is my Hue Dimmer Switch DTH, re-written by modifying Ikea Button DTH.

suffering same problem in ST new app.
Works well in smartthings Classic.

This is fascinating because when I use the original DTH, unmodified, with a virtual device I created, I get the custom behavior you see. I would expect it to look just like the original you posted, even though it’s a virtual device, but it doesn’t. So far, the only thing I’ve seen made a child in the new app is the minimote, and I can’t duplicate it, which may be related to what you see.

Minimote, Zwave Button and zigbee multi button all use child devices and MCD I think. Things also get screwy without a VID defined. Which may be impossible for the Zooz double switch since I haven’t seen a combination dimmer and button VID.

What is MCD? And is the vid responsible for all the button options that iquix posted? I’m not understanding why the actual device and the virtual device show different options. I should, in principle, be able to assign one of these types to a virtual device and have it display properly. But I can’t even get that far…

MCD = multi component device


I think the problem is not about virtual vs real device thing.

Because my custom DTH for HUE dimmer switch(posted above), which has almost similar architecture with ikea switch dth, has problem in new app automation.

There must be hidden secret settings with mcd device, which only makes Ikea button work,

and I want to know about that hidden and secret setting.

I found the solution by myself.


ocfDeviceType: “”, mcdSync: true, mnmn: “SmartThings”, vid: “generic-4-button”

made it work well in the new app with Phillips Hue Dimmer Switch

This is my Hue Dimmer Switch DTH which also works well in New App.