Help needed with custom DTH for motorized zwave curtains

I’m trying to make custom DTH for Z-Wave motorized curtains and have some problems:

Standard DTH contains Tile with blinds icon and status, slider to change position , button to set saved position and battery status.

I changed the DTH: Changed the metadata and fingerprint, deleted button and battery tiles, but they still displays in smartthings. Device reconnect doesn’t help.
So my question is how to make my own list of tiles?

For UI changes to take effect on the new st app you need to exclude and re pair the device or change and re set the DTH

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I did it, but nothing happened

Close the new app completely make sure it’s not running in the background

I created a DTH, but slider tile position is wrong and I cant set value range from 0 to 100.

Link to my DTH:

This is how it looks:

Also status is not displays on small tile in device list

This is how standard DTH looks:

Actually I need only 2 first tiles from standard screen.

What I’m doing wrong? Why the labels are not like standard? Why Google home don’t see this device? Is there any way to update code and UI without unpair/pair device?

Sorry, I have really a lot of questions :smile:

It seems obvious but have you changed the device handler of your device ?
It happened to me more than once.
It took me awhile to understand that just choosing the correct device when simulating wouldn’t be enough.

  1. Menu My Devices
  2. Click on your device
  3. Press Edit
  4. Select your device handler at Type field
  5. Press Update

Sure I did it

What about the option “Publish > For Me” after saving the handler ?

I am mentioning obvious things because you seem to have done everything else correctly.

I think the problem in the new smartthings app. I tried to make tiles layout without any capabilities in DTH, it works for classic app, but nothing displayed in the new one. Also google assistant can’t see devices with “Window Shade” capability because of some security reasons (found this info in other forum threads). I’m not sure is there any standard capability for motorized curtains but hope samsung will add it in future.

Does anybody know:

  • how to make labels translation in custom DTH?
  • is it possible to not use any capabilities in custom DTH and make it work with the new app?
  • is it possible to create custom capability?
  • is there any difference between DTH for classic and new apps?
  • is the new developers workspace have a different IDE for hub-connected devices then or it’s just a tool to publish DTH for all users?
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