ZWave Dual Relay Integration App Status


So i got this Dual output relay which I am testing with smartthings hub. Managed to get the relay functioning with default 'Z-WAVE SWITCH" driver in smartthings app. The relay appear as 1 Main switch tile(control both output 1 & 2) and 2 Child switch tile which control Output 1&2 separately).

Issue is I find that if I turn on the light with manual switch, the On/off status are not reflected on the Child switch tile in smartthings app.

Hope to get some help on this. @Mariano_Colmenarejo

Hi @zamir_amran

Added to this driver version

Try if it works fine

 Name         Z-Wave Switch and Child Mc
 Version      2024-02-14T09:52:02.918315511
 id: 045A/0004/0322
    deviceLabel: Double Switch
    manufacturerId: 0x045A
    productType: 0x0004
    productId: 0x0322
    deviceProfileName: dual-metering-switch