Checking Status messages ( new app)

Hi all ,

After i am Forced to use the new smartthings app because the old version doesnt work for me anymore (cant add routines anymore) i am having troubles with the following :

When i start the app lots of devices give me the Checking Status , when i close and open the app its all OK again.
Also when for example i want to use the Timer on a smart power outlet its not possible to turn on, i am unable to Check the box next to it so you can see the timer is active. When using the Turn OFF at xx-xx function it will work.

My other sensors and automations work just fine.

what i already have done is reset my HubV2 and reinstalled the App on the phone cleared all the data and cache but nothing is fixing my problems.

Thanks to everybody that reads this.

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Nobody :frowning: ?

I see this. Sometimes, it takes anywhere from 5 (if I am lucky) to 30 seconds or longer for the status to update for devices. Many times, I close the app and open it again and they load quicker. There were a few updates of the app in late summer/early fall where everything loaded quickly. But since the November release, it has gotten much worse. This is only my opinion and I am sure others may have different experiences.

Every now and again, you may need to select it twice for it to stick or try choosing a custom time and then the timer shows as enabled.

Be patient, I am sure ST will resolve the issues in time. The app is constantly being updated.

Be sure to open a ticket with ST support and report any issues you encounter.

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