Chat Bot Integration

I just did a quick search and didn’t see anything on this - I am hoping someone else did some development work to save me from having to figure it out.

Has anyone used HuBot or something similar to make a two way chat bot for hangouts? what i envision is more than just send me a message when my some alarms go off, but something more like being able to ask the bot What’s the tempurature in the house and it responds with the current temp. Or Who’s home? and it list all the presence sensors that are home. Are there any windows open? Yes there are 3 windows open, would you like to know which?

I have not seen one, great idea.

The problem is going to be figuring out where to host hubot. I could run him on a server in home, but that might not be practical for some, i suppose if someone wanted him badly AWS would work. I’m more familiar with tweaking hubot than ST, so i have some learning to to do on how to integrate, but it could be fun.

Has anyone picked this up yet? It’s fairly easy to create bots nowadays with the Microsoft Bot Framework (you can publish to Skype, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram and many more platforms) and Microsoft Azure.

This is a great idea!

A skypebot would be awesome!

Any news on this idea ? Unfortunately I am not a dev, but this could really be useful. Sometimes, I would like my routines NOT to run as usual, and a chat bot could be a great way to confirm.
I have looked at Jeedom (a French smarthome platform) and they managed to get it work with telegram and slack