Should I just turn off yracine's smartapps now?

So, since yracine isn’t going to support his smart vent apps on smartthings anymore, are people just removing his stuff now?

I can do some dumb automations to just pop open and close the vents if rooms are occupied and the windows are open or closed. Not sophisticated, but it will get the job done.

How are people handling this one out there?

Probably a good idea to go ahead and get rid of his apps at this point and try to getting it working as best as you can.


Just did that - it gives me a month to cobble something together before the weather gets colder here.

I moved my Keen vents to Home Assistant. Others are moving to Hubitat since it will remain Groovy based.

Thanks @DBoring - I’m already on this trip with smartthings, so gonna see where it leads.

Hello! Can you share any links or birds eye view steps of how you did this? I am still using the Keen hub and their garbage app which stops working every other month.

I have homebridge setup at home and just saw this Hubitat you mentioned and am very intrigued. I just want my vents to open and close on a basic schedule, which the keen app cant even do right.

I appreciate it!

You would connect the vents to your Hubitat via Zigbee, then install the smartapp on the Hubitat hub to control them. No Keen hub required.

Which is good, I dusted off the keen hub the other day and plugged it in just for fun… there is no server on the Keen side anymore. They were sold over the last few years - and while the vents are supported, the hub no longer is.

I’m about 95% migrated to Hubitat with 140 odd devices, webcore, many custom DTHs and apps. Extensive HUE and Harmony integrations. Was using rboy apps for locks and garage door.

I’d highly recommend Hubitat. 100% local control but still maintains the usability of copy and paste custom drivers and apps. Porting Webcore over was also easy for my pool solar stuff…and that code also runs locally. Backup and restore tools, as well as LAN connected secondary hub integrations.

Setting up the new media center(s) integrations between Hubitat, HUE, and Harmony was surprisingly easy.