Device handler for non-supported devices

I am looking to change a byte in leviton Zwave DZPD3, VRPA1-1LW plug in dimmers, and also would like to change a byte in Evolve Zwave LOM-15TR recepticle. What steps are necessary to do this? These are not supported in ST apparently. Is there a device handler I can Install to make the controller support these and possibly more?

When you say “change a byte“ do you mean “configure a parameter“? That is, change the setting in the firmware in the device?

If so, and this is a one time change, and these are Z wave devices, then you can do it with the “Z wave Tweaker” DTH. You temporarily assign the Tweaker To the device using the web interface to your smartthings account (the “IDE“). This will then show you all of the currently changeable settings when you look at the device details in the smartthings app. You make whatever changes you want using the Tweaker, and save them. And then you switch back to the original DTH for every day use.

This will work with any mains-powered certified Z wave device. :sunglasses:

See the following thread (the topic title is a clickable link)

I should also say that those devices should work with the smartthings hub for the basic on/off/dim capabilities using one of the generic “stock“ zwave handlers. (This is true for any certified Z wave device.) You would only need a custom handler if it had advanced features that were not supported in the generic DTHs.

Also, the Leviton model is on the official compatibility list, so I’m not sure where you heard that it is not supported:

But being on that list does not mean that all advanced features are exposed by The official handler, so you might still need the Tweaker.

Sorry, ex. turning led on in opposite switch or outlet config. It looks like tweaker does the job. Thanks for the info.

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I have loaded the zwave tweaker in the IDE, but I am not getting a clear picture of how to use it. I have load another device handler for another specific device and it was clear as to what to do. Can somebody help step through this with any of the above devices? I want to change LED status as a simple start. I show many devices in ST that have’nt a “settings choice” in the 3dot menu, just information and edit.

Ask questions about Tweaker in the tweaker thread, and people there will be glad to help you. :sunglasses:

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