Possibility to change which data is shown in thumbnail on smartthings app?

Problem is, i would like to see LUX data on smartthings app without opening device screen, now it shows battery status … Is there a possibility to change this ?

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If you are using a custom device handler, or can work with a copy of a standard handler, then yes it can be done if you have set up the CLI.

That was the requirement John Constantelo had for his handler for a Xiaomi/Lumi sensor:

Thnx for the answer. Thats the handler i have :slight_smile: I just dont have coding capabilities, or understanding how to change it :confused:

I believe he has released the updated version.

Indeed, new version. I updated it, and removed device and now i have hard time adding it back :smile:
Nothing to do with handler tho :slight_smile:

EDIT: Managed to pair it now, but it didnt change it, but now my history tab on smartthings app just shows “NaNLux” ? Even tho, it shows correct lux, just history is screwed ?

In API Event List i can see correct lux information.

I had a terrible time pairing four of these with SmartThings originally. It took 3-4 attempts for each device. They are wonky devices.

I’ve since removed 2 from SmartThings and moved them to Hubitat. The instructions over there were a bit of a dance (press, double-click, wait) in terms of how to pair it, but both times the devices paired the first time I tried. Try following steps 2-5 here (where “pair the device” is putting SmartThings into discovery mode, aka “Scan Nearby” in the new app).