Possible to change what information is shown on the buttons?

Any way of changing what information is shown on the buttons on the dashboard?
This is an Aeotec MultiSensor 6. Would like it to show temperature instead of motion.
Temperature, humidity etc. is shown if I click on button, but would be nice to choose what is shown on the button itself.

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I asked the same a while ago. Apparently it is not (currently) possible to change default visible attribute. In sharptools.io dashboard, you can do this.


I don’t think you can currently override the profile for stock device handlers, though I am sure that will come eventually.

Custom handlers you can bend to your will a bit more by using your own device profiles but it is a bit tedious.

Thanks guys. I will take a look at sharptools.io. I was hoping this could be done “out of the box” in the app, but apparently not. I really don’t want to mess with the device handlers, so I’ll just hope for a future feature update.

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Read here Displaying Temperature instead of Motion in SmartApp

@Jeff_H, where you have pointed that is an a post about the Classic app, not the new app. Of course, it was working like that in the Classic app, but the new app disregards that part of the code and uses different information to define the Tile.

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