Changing Lock Codes Remotely?

What you can or can not do depends on what lock you have.

I have a Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt (YRD220).

Any suggestions?

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If you’re just looking to change lock codes, then the two that @cuboy29 mentioned about will work. The “Lock Manager [BETA]” version is the one that @ethayer is currently working on, and the one that I personally use — I have the several YRD240 locks that work fine with the beta version.

I use Erik’s Lock Manager (old one) on 3 locks in 2 locations and can remotely change codes. I also like how I have the same instance of his app managing 2 of the locks so their codes and subsequent changes to said codes are synchronized to both locks. I too am using the YRD locks.

Here’s an option that works with the stock ST Z-Wave device handler. However if you are getting access to the RBoy apps I would recommend to also use the Enhanced Universal Z-Wave Lock DH which can unlock additional features of your Yale lock.

Sry guys need help with this asap “Samsung smart fridge link with ring doorbell?” Can it? …How?

I created and installed a smart app for the Yale key free touch pad deadbolt. It was v4.1.5. of the user lock manager. I am getting a user code failed when I submit the new user codes. Is there something I should do different. The lock locks and unlocks fine.

I’d suggest moving to @ethayer’s new Lock Manager: [RELEASE] Lock Manager. It’s been working fine for a number of us, and Erik won’t be supporting the version you’re currently using.

I’ve had no problems with Lock Manager [beta] and my Yale locks — works as expected.

OK. Did you install that code in My Device Handlers as well? The support person with SmartThings had me copy it in there and I noticed on RBoy site that he only has it copied into the MySmart App.

You need to install the DTH in My Device Handlers (zwave-lock-reporting.groovy) and two apps in My SmartApps (lock-manager.groovy and lock-user.groovy). Once those are installed, in your ST app, initially start up Lock Manager in the Market Place > Smart Apps> My Apps to configure your locks and users.

Do you not use the lock-user.groovy? When I installed the two you mentioned the smart app does not open the new user tab. It just spins and quits without opening.

Lock Manager uses lock-user.groovy since it (lock-user.groovy) is a child app.

Hmmm … never had that problem. You might pose that question to Erik in the Lock Manager [beta] thread. The only thing I can think of is to reinstall everything and make sure you change the device handler to “Z-Wave Lock Reporting” for your Yale lock(s) in the IDE.

BTW, which Yale lock model do you have?

You are just Highlighting the code and cut and pasting it into the device handler and Smartapps right? Then save and publish. I must be doing something a little wrong.
I have the key free touchscreen deadbolt.
Thanks, for the help. I am sure that I will get it one of these times.

The Lock User Management SmartApp on the RBoy site works with the stock ST Z-Wave Lock device handler thats’ why the instruction is only to install the SmartApp.

Many folks prefer to use the stock Z-Wave Lock DH hence we decided to make the SmartApp work with the stock DH. The advantage of the stock DH is that it runs locally on the hub vs cloud for custom DH’s however the downside is that you lose some of the advanced functionality you can gain by using custom DH’s.

I am looking for my login email. I paid yesterday. How long does it take?

A few minutes. Don’t forget to check your spam mail folder.

Ok. I have been checking them. Still have not seen it.

Point to note, we send the login/password to only the email id from which the payment was made for security purposes.

Ok I am logged in. I want to make sure I install the right device handler and smart apps. Last time I installed Lock user and Lock manager for smart apps and the standard DH. Should I start all over and install the #1 lock multi user management smart app and the Universal Z-wave lock DH?

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