Changing hue colour for routines and smart apps

Received my starter kit yesterday and set up with my hue colour and ambience bulbs round the house- love it. I have one question though, how do I change bulb colour based on routines. Ie different bulb colour to come on at night in bedroom than morning. Loads of options just not colour?

Have done a degree of research and understand smartapps may be the way? I am using my phone predominantly as I want that to be my control method but there are not many apps and see no way to search for third party apps - I am reasonably techy but don’t understand code - firstly do I need to use a computer to get these apps and will they then appear on my phone…how!?

Sorry just for a very consumer driven level of home automation this part seems confusing to me

I have exactly this question. Disappointed to see the original poster got no answer in 2+ months.