Using Hue bulbs in routines and Smart Lighting

I’ve finally gotten tired of my old GE Links without the frosted dome and replaced a couple of them with Hues. I’ve hit an issue that, while I can’t find a good solution on these boards, I’m sure someone has figured out.

If I’ve got a Hue that I set to bright blue (you know, because that’s a thing I can do now…) and later turn it off, the next time a routine, Smart Lighting, or any SmartApp for that matter turns it on with the intention of just providing “normal” light, it’s bright blue.

How are you folks dealing with this?

I believe you have to use one of the scene manager apps that stores colors. They are a bunch of them in the community contributed apps.

Right now I am just using the provided Smart Light app to manage my hues. I’ve set up multiple layers of actions to run a certain times and under certain conditions to manage the lighting events. For instance I have 4 Hue strips around the house and 2 Hue bulbs in the bedroom. I have one program that will turn all of them orange at sunset, but I want the bedroom lights to be usable lights when we are in the room. So I have a second program to change the lights to, “white” when the bedroom sensor detects motion. I also wanted the lights to resume their previous color when I’ve left the room, so I then have a third program that will change those two bulbs back to orange when the sensor stops detecting presence. I have this arrangement for a couple of different color programs that run during different times periods and conditions on top of having a normal white light program to run during the day. These multiple layers of programs allow the lights to react as needed depending on input conditions.

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