How to change Philips Hue colour when routine runs

Hi all,

I’ve probably overlooked something really obvious, but can anyone walk me through how I would go about changing the colours of my Philips Hue bulbs when a “Routine” runs?

Currently the routine config allows me to turn the lights on and off, and set dimer level, but not change colour.

what have I missed?

If only that existed. I would be in heaven

You can accomplish this by having a routine change the Mode. Then, create a new Lighting Automation using the Smart Lights app to change the color of lights when the mode is changed to that specific mode. This way, the routine will change the mode, and the Smart Lighting app will then change the light colors.

More info on Modes and Routines here:


awesome, thanks Jim :smile:

I had a feeling it was something to do with Mode, but hadn’t quite figured out how to put it altogether.

Just tried it out, works well for me.

That will work, but wow…that will be tons of routines and modes. Especially if you want to set lights at different levels and the colors arent customizable beyond the presets that are there.

Search for an app called superState. It creates virtual switches that represent your hue scene.


How do you add these third party apps? Sorry if this sounds very junior but I am on my phone and see no download link?

If you want ‘one smartapp to rule them all’ check out Rule Machine. You can create far more useful logic like and it does some amount of colour.

Personally I don’t use anything for colour other than the hue app & a couple of hue taps. Waiting for official integration as they are working on that now (could be a long time waiting!).

Using rule machine, I have a rule for morning (which sets colour to normal bright sunlight type colour). Then in the evening / night time it will just turn on bulbs or off based on motion & luminosity. IE colour will stay whatever I set it through the hue app or taps. Then it gets auto reset to normal colour the next day. Just in case any of that helps!

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I use superstate for all those triggers of different Hue scenes too.

One other app that is invaluable to Hue users is Hue (re)Connect. It’s a supersized version of the Hue Connect app and allows you to import all your Hue scenes to ST.