Routine Hue Light settings?


I’ve finally got round to setting up ST, and so far fairly impressed. I’ve got 4 Multi Sensors on 4 external doors, which are linked to 16 hue lights in my house and an alarm via my sonos system, should any open when I’ve armed the Smart Home Monitor to Home or Away, all tested and working well.

I’ve also set up some routines, for leaving home and arriving, however, I’m surprised by one lack of functionality, unless I’m missing it!

My arriving Home routine is set to disarm my sensors and turn on my porch light when returning home. When I arrived home yesterday and today, my porch light was little very dim and in red?! I suddenly realised why today, because the last time the porch light was on, was when I was testing my multi sensors, to check all lights activated. So when I arrive home, it’s turning my porch light on, which happens to be the last setting of that hue bulb!

Looking back at my Arrive Home routine, I can set it to turn the porch light on, but I don’t have any option to say what colour, and also any setting for time of day, because I don’t need it coming on in the day light.

Am I missing something, or is this just the lack of integration features between ST and Hue?


Just saw a similar post with the same request, and it looked like using the Smart lighting smartapp was the way to go, just went to set it up, but it still doesn’t ask what colour to set the bulb?

Whilst in all honesty the bulb will be white, after any activation (which hopefully never happens!), I’d have to set the bulb back to white in the hue app. No biggie, but would be good if this was an option!

Maybe grab a hue white bulb for this. More of a workaround than a fix I guess. Perhaps you could control it with a CoRE piston

Thanks for the reply Steve. I always go with Colour Hue Bulbs, as that gives me any option i want with a bulb.

I’m 1 week into ST’s, so haven’t even looked at what Pistons were until you mentioned it! I’m no programmer unfortunately, but will certainly take a look… :slight_smile:

Not sure whether the smartapp just got updated or I missed it, but you can set the colour and brightness when it turns on as part of the smartlighting app!