Changes to SMS Service

I’m UK based and am also bewildered how badly this was handled. A massive change to the services provided with a 3-day notice? I specifically went for SmartThings when I was shopping around for a home alarm system because of the SMS notifications.

Maybe the feature was abused by a few, but I’m sure most of us would have been OK with a ‘fair use’ policy being enforced or even to being charged per SMS or having a subscription for SMS support. Both of those solutions would have also meant extra income for SmartThings.

As it is and without any explanation from SmartThings, it really makes me question their willingness to support any market besides the US in the future.


It wasn’t an abuse problem at all. And SmartThings is rolling out to more and more countries. Their statement above addresses this.


Jimmy, as you can read, support is absolutely not aware about this change as many people stated above. So improved support is not a question. It hasn’t improved.

Legal regulations… as it was discussed GDPR.

But it has been implemented in last year May! :laughing:

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100% agree communication to customers and their own support channels wasn’t done correctly.

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When did Sonos stop working?

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Brilliant Brett! - Thanks. Works perfectly in EU as well.


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One of the alternatives for SMSes can be using “Telegram” which provides HTTP REST API to send messages easilly, from web core.

You need to install “Telegram” app on your mobile app, create a bot, then group.
Then you can send messages to your mobile app simply by HTTP GET calls in a format:$token/sendMessage?chat_id=$chat_id&text=Hello+World

Easy tutorial in here:

If you want to send seperate messages to you and your wife, create seperate chat groups, one for you and one for her.

To get chat ids check this:

Me too, I am negatively surprised by this sudden change, my home security was based upon receiving the SMS. By suddenly disabling this service I was no longer warned when something goes wrong at home. Lesson learned not to trust Samsung. Does this mean I will move away from smartthings? No as it will be to much work to redo everything into another system. But it does mean no future Samsung products in my home.

I found a solution to still get a SMS using my phone provider and IFTTT. Most provider have a SMS gateway (google for yours). You can sent an email to this gateway and this email will be sent as SMS to your phone. The TO address in the email will include your mobile number.

In the home security monitoring I have a virtual switch that is switched on when something happens (i.e. door opens or movement is detected). When this Switch is ON a IFTTT rule will send an email (using GMAIL) to my SMS gateway (Maximum of 20 messages a day at my provider).

I have my “I am Back” routine set to ensure the virtual switch moves to OFF

Do i like this solution, no because it requires too many services to connect and things might break in the future. But for the short term I have a “free” solution.

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Have you altered smartthings to be managed manually etc by Huawei ? ‘keep app running in background’ etc

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Many months ago I stopped getting SMS messages, and couldn’t suss out the issue. I didn’t figure it out until finding this post.

Why in the world would Smartthings/Samsung not notify their customers of this change? This oversight is absolutely uncalled for.

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I had a marvellous tip from @MRobi that worked for me, and tbh made my phone 10 times better generally, not just for ST push notifications but for all notifications!

Not defending them but they did send a email to everyone affected.

Thank you for the information. However, I did not receive this notification via email.


Yesterday I agreed to get the SMS messages. My water sensor went off and I got a text message letting me know that it detected moisture. I dismissed the alarm in SHM. I am now been getting a text message every hour reminding me that Moisture was detected even though I dismissed the alarm.I don’t want to stop the SMS alerts but I would like to not receive one every hour reminding me of moisture being detected that was already dismissed. How do I stop this?

Go into SHM in the app dismiss the alert.


How did you do this?

No, They did not. I did not receive an e-mail. I just happened upon this post as well. I do get (some) of the status updates I signed up for. After seeing this post, I went back to check my SPAM folder, and it was not there either. I was lucky in that I saw this within a day or two and was able to not lose SMS services. However, on a whole, Smartthings communication is not that good.

It’s strange how some got the email and others didn’t.

Could you show what is at the bottom of the email? I am interested about the subscription address, what we might all missing. Not like we haven’t signed the EULA and should receive a notification. Of course I am not talking about that this whole thing happened in a few days time.