Changes to SMS Service

Most likely due to not charging a monthly fee they can’t afford to do it


Many of your posts are of great benefit to other community members and would continue to be so in the future. I hope you will reconsider this, at least for the thread on building the new house.

The creativity and clarity of that project report is unmatched by almost anything in the community and is very useful in a number of different situations.

At the very least if you do intend to have all of it removed, I hope you will re-post the new house thread on the Fibaro forum or the Reddit home automation subforum so it will continue to be available for other home automation users.

My very best wishes for your future projects, as well as for you and your family.


@anon36505037, you are absolutely right. But it is a community forum. People help each other in the community. You are right that people provide here technical support on behalf of ST, and you know it is necessary because the support what you can get on the emails is useless for most of the people as it misses the technicalities what you and other powerusers have from experience. It’s ran most of the time from a script and people who lost their fate by the useless answers from support comes here to reach for the people who know how things are working.

If you consider that, none of the engineers are posting here as part of their job description.

This is part of a message what I have received a year ago from SmartThings support, from Tanya.

Our open platform really shines because our users are able to integrate custom devices. However, we are unable to provide support relating to custom integrations due to the nature of this and the many thousands of custom devices our users have unofficially implemented. Luckily, we have developer advocates who are active on the forums and have been able to best advise you in this instance. We do have our processes in place to get further support where needed, however, this is in the case where there is a SmartThings problem as opposed to issues with custom devices and integrations. I do wish we had the resources available to be able to assist with every issue that might arise, however, due to the open nature of the SmartThings ecosystem, it’s not something presently possible.

Just as a heads up, our engineers that frequent the community pages do this in their personal time. I understand it might be a little confusing. I apologise for any frustration and inconvenience. If you do need anything that we are able to assist with, please do let me know and we would be more than happy to help!

I would be happy if you would reconsider your decision, same as @JDRoberts asked. Your commitment and help is a huge effort to the whole community and it would be a shame to be lost.


Robin, like @JDRoberts and @GSzabados above, I would ask you reconsider. I know your stated intention was to get flagged just to ensure escalation of this very important thread, in which I think you succeeded, but were too harshly treated by whichever admin reviewed your post.

I’ve been on this community on and off for a couple of years now as I build up my ST platform and you are one of the handful of core contributors whose help and advice has been of enormous value to me and many others. If you do leave, I want you to know how very grateful we all are and how missed you will be. However I do hope you stay. Yes, leaving will have a slight effect on ST but it will have a much larger effect on the community you have helped so much. If we can do more for you, let us know.


After Brexit, will GDPR still apply to the UK? :slight_smile:

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This is actually a big question for UK companies. Current analysis is that if the negotiated deal is adopted, then it will.

If there is a “no deal Brexit“ everything becomes very unclear, but it is likely that something similar will be adopted by the UK, because without it, they won’t be able to do business with EU countries.

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I would suggest that all non US SmartThings users send a complaint email to their customer support teams. I did it by asking why my SMS wasn’t working (at the time I had no knowledge of their “secret” announcement). When I got their reply (several days later) I emailed them back and complained, using similar opinions and rationale as can be seen above. Here in UK, email is is -

At least then Samsung will feel the full effect of this crazy decision. It will also create a huge inbox for them to deal with. Even without this recent decision, Samsung’s delay in replying is around 4 days. They must have a lot of customer supporting to do.

You may find that they actually respond more to feedback via Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets.

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Not Twitter. Their Sonos post was the last one in months. Not sure about FB. I think app and product reviews are the most monitored.


Oh yea, I forgot about reviews in the Apple and Google stores for the ST app. That one does get some attention as well!

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We’ve added a few more notification providers to the Rule Engine to ease the transition for International Users who’ve recently lost SMS support with SmartThings.

This brings the list of SharpTools notifications providers to:

  • Pushover - send push messages to your phone, tablet, or desktop
  • Pushbullet - send push messages to your phone, tablet, or desktop
  • SMS (Premium) - send SMS messages to US/Canada (included with Premium)
  • Twilio SMS - send SMS messages (including international SMS support)! :earth_africa::earth_asia:
  • Email - send email messages with ease
  • Thing - for example, Sonos, Echo Speaks, etc.

You can find more details on the new Twilio SMS and Pushover notification providers here:


I am so glad that I decided to migrate to Home Assistant.
I been trying to get SMS working even when there is no internet and it works great with your own 3g usb dongle:


A native SMS integration works even without internet, that’s why I am migration to home assistant, among other reasons

I just saw this posting. Really disappointed that Canada is not able to receive texts. We even share the same country code with the USA!

To make matters worse, I have been dealing with support for almost 10 days about why my text notifications stopped. At no time did they mention this SMS change, nor did they ask me if I was in the US. They did ask me to do the opt-in thing though. And when I told them it didn’t change anything, you would think they would clue in that I’m outside the US.

Not happy with the change, nor the support!



Having 10 flood/water sensors and a Smoke/CO alarm hooked up in SHM/SmartThings, this is the kind of news that makes me wonder for how long SmartThings will still serve me well, since I don’t have a US number to continue to receive SMS alerts…

A SMART home isn’t just smart for being able to dim my lights using automations and rules. I’ts also about having safety procedures in place that will warn me if something is not okay with my house, so I can do something about it before it gets worse.

Having to rely on mobile push, or third party SMS services to warn me that my house is possibly flooding, or loading up with Carbon Monoxide, isn’t what I consider acceptable, and I would be willing to pay fees for a “premium” package if that is what would take to receive SMS and all kinds of redundant communication while I’m away and something isn’t right in my home.

Am I the only one missing the part of what SHM was supposed to be, or Samsung is missing the mark that once it sold ST as alarm systems, partnered with ADT?

The ADT partnership required the ADT model hub and was limited to the US. It used the ADT cellular module For notifications to the ADT monitoring center. Just a completely different kind of system structure then SHM.

In the UK, the security system that included smartthings is sold through Vodafone and requires a contract with them. Again, it has its own communications and its own version of the hub.

But those options are not available with the other smartthings hubs.

So I’m not quite sure what you are referencing here.


Another ridiculous thing is that UK support are still investigating my account why SMS notifications are not sent. Almost 2 weeks after the change has been implemented and they still don’t know about it :open_mouth:
Had to contact support because I got no (zero, nil) notification this is coming or at least that is has come although ST has my email address and obviously my phone number too. I just noticed SMS notifications no longer work. At least a free email should have been sent if they can’t afford a text message.


Having the same issue with my tmobile note 8… texted yes multiple times and response is service access denied. Any success on your end?

I am only a few weeks into the ST environment but I found a pretty simple solution for Canadians looking to keep sms services. I use a U.S. Voip phone number with sms enabled features and forward the ST texts to my Canadian mobile. I use a company called and they offer US phone numbers. They have an excellent support via chat and an excellent wiki page . The sms service is actually in beta phase but I have been using it for many years . If you’re interested in this solution the cost is $1 per month and 1 cent per sms. I suspect this solution will cost me less than $20 a year and there is is no contracts. You also get that US number to make phone calls anywhere in north America for 1 cent per minute. You can use a regular phone with an ata adapter for a wired home phone or you can set this number on your smartphone as a softphone to make and receive calls from your mobile. See the wiki for setting up your softphone. For a $10 credit please use this referral link

Not happy either… alarms, floods etc … system is almost useless