Changed nothing in months/years - lately everything has stopped working

I have a really complex setup, with 100s of devices/smart apps/scenes/routines/custom DTHs/many integrations. Action Tiles, Alexa, Google Home, Logitech Harmony, Nest, Web CoRE, AWS, Particle, Synology, custom webhooks and services, the list goes on.

I’m a software/electronics engineer and I’ve also released a few DTHs and contributed to other ST projects. As you can imagine my entire house runs on SmartThings (and boy am I regretting this decision now).

Everything runs like clockwork and I very rarely have to manually ask for a light to be turned on, or even the doors to be locked, it’s 100% automated. Even the motion sensors are backed up by cameras using computer vision and object detection to work out exactly what’s going on a respond accordingly.

Anyway, over the last few weeks, one by one, things have started to fail. Then I notice a banner on my classic app saying I must upgrade. Bearing in mind all of the above, you can imagine I’m a little hesitant to upgrade to the new app. Will everything just work? Everything worked perfectly as it is and I’ve not had to mess with anything for probably over a year.

Can anyone help with the following…

  • Alexa seems to have forgotten most of my devices, although some are still there. In particular, it’s forgotten all the scenes and routines. How do I get these back?
  • Action Tiles also does not recognize any of the scenes or routines anymore. Maybe same issue?
  • If I do upgrade to the new app, what happens to all my old DTHs and custom smart apps etc?
  • Does the new platform still use groovy? I heard there was an entirely new API? What about the ST console I’m used to using?

At the moment the main thing I want to do is get Alexa and/or action tiles working with Routeens and Scenes again. If the only way to do this is to migrate to the new ST app/api, will this stop everything else from working?

Install the new app, login and see how your custom DTHs work. You may need to make some code changes.

Alexa integration was switched over to a new one so search for the Alexa thread to see all the changes.

You may want to start migrating manually yourself. There are only two weeks remaining before the classic app is retired.

Routines will cease and automations/scenes replace them in the new app.

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Custom SmartApps and DTHs still use Groovy…for now. Samsung has indicated in other announcements that the Classic SmartThings Groovy IDE will be eliminated some time in 2021.

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You’ve gotten good advice so far (note that when @jkp says to download the new app and try it that means to do that WITHOUT saying “yes“ to the migration banner in the classic app. Once you choose that banner, you cannot go back).

I don’t know how deep in the weeds you want to go on this topic, but here are the three official threads. They have hundreds of responses on dozens of different issues, but they should give you a comprehensive picture of what’s going on:

Announcement | Changes to our Legacy SmartThings Platform

Updates to the SmartThings Platform

New SmartThings Alexa skill (2020)

The short answer is that a lot is changing and a lot more is going to change over the next year. Some of it you will like, some of it you will probably hate, some of it will likely mean you have to redo a lot of your existing set up. But change isn’t just coming: as you’ve noticed, it’s here. :thinking:


Thanks for all the advice and info. I’ve been playing around with the new app, not much works :confused:

I’ve not got around to updating the Alexa skill yet but at least I’ve got Action Tiles working so I can turn my lights on when they enviably don’t come on when they should.

But all that is now yesterday’s problem as today my hub has stopped responding altogether and has a single flashing red LED on it.

I’ve changed nothing in the last few days and it went off during the day today.

Red (blinking) is a power issue or battery issue if v2

True, but many people see The “magenta“ light as “red.“ And blinking magenta would mean it’s trying to complete a firmware update.

This blinking pinkish color indicates that the Hub is downloading a firmware update, which can occur during initial setup or with the release of a Hub firmware upgrade. Do not unplug the Hub while firmware is being downloaded.

You’d better go post that on the other red (blinking) response I posted this morning :slight_smile:

So it just happened to be today the AA batteries ran out. Lol

Although surely it could just notify you they need replacing instead of ceasing all operation?

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