Change wifi network

Is it possible to change the wifi network my v3 hub is connected to without loosing all the devices that are connected to it.
I have a new wifi router for my smart devices as my ISP is blaming the number of devices connected to my broadband router for my broadband problems despite it working fine for over a year and only started playing up after work on the local cabinet.
Anyway i digress.

I know i could hard reset it but then i would have to reconnect everything and setup routines again but i would rather not do that.

My experience is that, is best to enter in the configuration of the new WiFi router and put the same name and the keys of the previous Wifi router.
This way you don’t have to reinstall any device.

I have done it 2 times due to router failure and everything worked fine.


i may end up doing this but i would rather try another way if possible

In the previous version of the app it was in the configuration of the app, but in this one I don’t see it
previous versiĂłn:

In New versiĂłn app does not appears
I don’t know if smartthings support is the solution

It shouldn’t be an issue for the Z wave and Zigbee devices connected to the smartthings hub. They don’t even know the Wi-Fi exists.

Any Wi-Fi devices would have to be changed, though, if the Wi-Fi network name and password changes.

That said, in many situations if you get a new Wi-Fi router as @Mariano_Colmenarejo said you can just give it the same SSID and password as the old one and then you don’t have to change anything else. I don’t know if your ISP allows you to do that, though, there are a few that don’t. That is, they give you a Wi-Fi router with a pre-assigned SSID. :thinking:

But if for whatever reason you do want to change it, or you have to change it, then it’s only devices that use that Wi-Fi password that are affected. Not the Z wave and Zigbee hub-connected devices.

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Yes this is a bug in the latest version of the app. Contact support to report the issue.


Thanks @Brad_ST.
I don’t use wifi in the hub, I use LAN.
I don’t mind putting it myself, but I think @David_King2 need use this function.

I ended up naming the new wifi the same as the old and disabling the old wifi.
Thanks for the advice


Following. Contacted support, known issue but no estimated time to be fixed. We have over 50 hubs stuck that we need to change credentials to the new wifi provider or otherwise reinstall all of them.