Smartthings Multisensor - how to show temp in things view icon?

I swear this used to be easy to do when setting up a new thing, you could choose what you wanted as the dominant icon read in the thing list.

My new ST Multisensor is showing open/closed in the list of things and it want it to show temp

I tried a couple other DHs but couldnt get it to be temp as main AND open/closed capability still there. I am amazed there are no threads about this. Maybe Im not using the correct terms.

That feature was removed over 2.5 years ago when the ST Mobile App was upgraded to v2.x.

uhhhg. of course it was “improved”. I was looking in github for a custom DH, but the one I found gave me an error when i set it up ( Run Locally Permission not allowed for DeviceType: a7b27660-8347-43cb-bd19-6a4860c657be)

Is there any way to tweak the DH to change the main thing it shows me? I have one I set up for my mailbox in the last year with a DH that does exactly what I want, but when I apply that DH to this new sliding door, it wants to show me open/close


In older DTH’s you would select the tile you wanted to be shown by modifying the ‘main’ section. For example:

main (["temperature"])
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I figured it out. I can make a new DH from template and choose my capabilities, and then move around the main. Then reassign the DH to my sensor.



Tiny commercial message here: Consider giving ActionTiles a try, since it lets you display any or all the Attributes of a multi-purpose Thing in distinct Tiles that you can add anywhere in a custom designed dashboard Panel.

Free for 14-Days trial, then $28.99 per Hub. 4.9-Stars rating on Facebook. :blush:


what is action tiles compatability, will it run on an old tablet?

How old? :slight_smile:

Our FAQ for this question is here:

The short answer is that “too old” is not good. If performance of the “old tablet” is just slow, then you can build/customize your dashboard Panels on a desktop, laptop, or faster tablet, and then just run them on the “old” tablet. However, we use modern “web-app” Javascript frameworks that just don’t work at all in some cases (e.g., iPad 1).

Easiest way to find out: Just create a login, add your SmartThings Hub, and start your trial…