Smartthings Multisensor - how to show temp in things view icon?

(Tasmin) #1

I swear this used to be easy to do when setting up a new thing, you could choose what you wanted as the dominant icon read in the thing list.

My new ST Multisensor is showing open/closed in the list of things and it want it to show temp

I tried a couple other DHs but couldnt get it to be temp as main AND open/closed capability still there. I am amazed there are no threads about this. Maybe Im not using the correct terms.

(Dan) #2

That feature was removed over 2.5 years ago when the ST Mobile App was upgraded to v2.x.

(Tasmin) #3

uhhhg. of course it was “improved”. I was looking in github for a custom DH, but the one I found gave me an error when i set it up ( Run Locally Permission not allowed for DeviceType: a7b27660-8347-43cb-bd19-6a4860c657be)

Is there any way to tweak the DH to change the main thing it shows me? I have one I set up for my mailbox in the last year with a DH that does exactly what I want, but when I apply that DH to this new sliding door, it wants to show me open/close

(Dan) #4

In older DTH’s you would select the tile you wanted to be shown by modifying the ‘main’ section. For example:

main (["temperature"])

(Tasmin) #5

I figured it out. I can make a new DH from template and choose my capabilities, and then move around the main. Then reassign the DH to my sensor.


( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #6

Tiny commercial message here: Consider giving ActionTiles a try, since it lets you display any or all the Attributes of a multi-purpose Thing in distinct Tiles that you can add anywhere in a custom designed dashboard Panel.

Free for 14-Days trial, then $28.99 per Hub. 4.9-Stars rating on Facebook. :blush:

(Mark C) #7

what is action tiles compatability, will it run on an old tablet?

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #8

How old? :slight_smile:

Our FAQ for this question is here:

The short answer is that “too old” is not good. If performance of the “old tablet” is just slow, then you can build/customize your dashboard Panels on a desktop, laptop, or faster tablet, and then just run them on the “old” tablet. However, we use modern “web-app” Javascript frameworks that just don’t work at all in some cases (e.g., iPad 1).

Easiest way to find out: Just create a login, add your SmartThings Hub, and start your trial…