How to change which widget is displayed on multi-function devices?

For devices such as the motion and temperature sensor, you could previously choose which widget was the “main” widget that appeared on the dashboard: temperature or motion. I don’t see how to change that in the new 2.0 version of the iOS app. The devices all seem to be locked in whatever mode they were before the 2.0 upgrade.


I’d like an answer to this also. I would like to be able to see the temperature status from a multi without opening the device view - I have a bunch of these that I like to reference quickly.

Unfortunately this feature disappeared when they moved to the new tile layout. See the below thread for custom code for things like the multi that will switch what the main sensor is.

Note that using the custom code will move the device to running in the cloud as opposed to local with a v2 hub.

Another option is to search around for a SmartApp/device-type that let you pool multiple sensors into one view. I know there was one for battery levels called battery monitor, but I can’t find the threads right now.

Well, hello here from 2017. Google brought me directly here for my same question, bat may I say: What a ridiculously customer unfriendly change! Moving backwards instead of forwards! Did Samsung ever give a proper real reason for this change?

As far as I know, they never gave a reason and I just got used to opening up the individual device’s panel to see the temperature.