Change mode with mode as condition?


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I’m trying to change mode when it is in a particular mode.
Eg When it is sunset and the mode is home - change to night. -versus- When it is sunset and the mode is away.

Sunset + Mode Home = Mode Night
Sunset + Mode Away = Mode Night Away

I can’t do this because when I use a mode as a condition - I can’t set the mode. This seems a little counter intuitive.


First we have to ask a couple of questions, because those are now done differently depending on your exact set up.

One) what model of the hub do you have?

Two) which version of the mobile app are you using: smart things classic or “smartthings (Samsung connect) “

In either case, the trick is to set up an automation which only runs in a particular mode and runs at sunset.

If you are using SmartThings classic, you should be able to do this with a routine. You’ll find the sunset condition under “additional settings.” You would need one routine for each set of conditions, so in example that you gave, you would need two. The first routine would run in Home mode and change to Night. The second routine would run in away mode and change to Night Away. Each of the two routines would be set to run at sunset.

So…Set up a routine which changes the mode, runs when it is sunset, but runs only in a specific mode. That gives you the “and” stacked conditional that you were looking for. :sunglasses:

If you are using “smartthings (Samsung connect)” there are no routines, so it would have to be done differently.

(Troy Kelly) #3

I am not using classic, I just can’t see how to do it in the new app.
@JDRoberts I can’t seem to find the functionality we used to have in the classic app anywhere


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Here’s the help page for the new app, you can try asking there.

(vlad) #6

I’ll bring this up with the product team - agree the restriction here doesn’t make much sense and you have a perfectly valid use case.

(Paul P) #7

Hey, any update to this? I have the exact use case in classic, but I just rebooted so I could be in the new app and I’m running into the same issue. Basically, for a custom automation, I need mode to be in the “If” statement AS WELL AS the “Then” action. Currently, it’s either / or.