Can/will the new V3 mobile app use mode as a requirement for changing modes?

I am running both the Classic (v2) and the new (v3) mobile app. I am trying to migrate to the new app since the old one will evidently be going away eventually.

My current setup uses modes extensively to automatically manage many things. An important feature in the v2 app is that it allows me to change modes only IF the hub is not currently in a particular mode already. I do this using Routines. For example, I only want the large batch of interior lights to come on at sunset if there is someone home. I have a Routine that changes the mode from “Away” to “Away PM” at sunset, but only if the hub is not already in one of the “home” modes.

I see no way to accomplish something similar in the new v3 app, as it seems to restrict mode changes as the action if a mode change is one of the IF conditions. I was trying to set up an Automation where IF it was sunrise AND the mode was “Away PM” then the hub would run a Scene that changed the mode to “Away”. However, the app will not let me select this Scene to run when I have a mode as a condition.

Does anyone know how I can pull this off? Is there any plan to implement this mode-based conditional logic in the new app?



At the present time the new V3 app does not let you use anything on both sides of a custom automation.

So, for example, you can’t have a switch coming on be the “if“ and then do some other things including turning that same switch off again.

Or, as you noticed, you can’t put mode on both sides.

It’s quite annoying, and doesn’t seem to have any reason other than that’s the way they coded it. It wasn’t a problem with the V2 classic app.

So the only thing we can do for now is just to write to support and suggest that they change it. Give them a specific example, as you’ve done in this thread, so they understand that there really are valid reasons for wanting this.

As a workaround for some use cases, you can use a virtual switch as a proxy and then daisychain two automations together.

So set up an Automation where IF it was sunrise AND the mode was “Away PM” then turn on the virtual switch. If that virtual switch comes on then the hub would run a Scene that changed the mode to “Away”.

I don’t remember if you can have a virtual momentary switch in the V3 app or not. If not, you’ll have to add an additional automation to apply power allowance to the virtual switch so it turns itself off after one minute each time. ( so it’s ready for the next time the condition occurs.)

So, yes, you can do it by breaking it up into multiple automations, but it’s awkward and annoying. :rage: