Modes How to control/create in SmartThings Home (not classic)

Please clarify modes in the New ST app versus classic ST. How do I change/override modes STHome automatic mode changes? It automatically executes mode changes based on sunset/sunrise, night versus day. Where the heck is that setting? It’s bad enough they hide the mode status.

on the main dashboard, click on More options (3 dots in the upper right of the screen) and select Manage location.

As for what is changing the Mode… most likely through Automations

Thank you but that seems to let me know the available modes and the current mode setting. What I am having an issue with is SMTH seems to automatically change mode to “night” at sunset overriding any automation I create to do otherwise. For example I have a automation to change the mode to Home Night but SMTHome overrides it to just night.

did you previously use the classic app? did you run the migration tool to move everything over to the new app?

Honestly I don’t recall but I think not.

I was trying to move to Hubitat that had terrible geolocation issues even with SmartThings hub pass through so I reverted back to ST hub 3 (prior to Hubitat on ST hub 2) one device at a time.

welcome back! Hopefully one of the other community members will step in and offer more assistance. I have to step away for the night unfortunately.

Not getting any assistance yet. For starters, I just want to understand why the mode in ST home is changing from night mode to day mode seemingly on its own (and twice) thus overriding my mode change automation. I cannot find any routine, scenes, or anything on the IDE that would explain this. The icon implies it is location-based. HOW can I turn this off so I can use the modes I want to create in the IDE and automate via the automation feature?

Any automation, scene, webcore piston, or old routine labeled Sunrise/sunset?

FOUND it! In an old Webcore pistion. Thanks

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