Change location of hub, should presence sensors change to "away"?

If i have a presence sensor “present” and then i change the location of my hub on the mobile app, should the presence sensor change to away or does it have to actually go through the geo fence?


It will depend on the exact presence sensor you are using.

The SmartThings branded presence sensor is a zigbee fob that has neither GPS nor Wi-Fi capability. It doesn’t know exactly where it is. All it knows is whether it is within range of the hub. So as long as it can get a message to the hub, it will always be marked as present no matter what you do with the location fields for your account.

If you have built your own presence indicator based on Wi-Fi connection, it’s the same thing. As long as the Wi-Fi connection was continuous, it thinks its present.

For GPS-based methods, including most phone apps, it just varies depending on the exact methods they are using.