Help me for presence and iPhone routine/app

Ok just setup my SmartThings starter kit. I’ve now got 4 “things” the multi sensor, the motion sensor, presence sensor, and my iPhone.

I wasn’t going to use the presence sensor as would just use my iPhone, but what I was thinking, if possible, was putting the presence sensor in the car (whats the distance it works?), and then using it in an app? (is that the correct terminology?) with my iPhone.

So say if my iPhone says I’m home, but the presence sensor moves away a distance of say x metres, alert me or…

If I say I’m away (e.g. on holiday), and the presence sensor should be home (in the car), and it moves x metres, can I get an alert?

Not sure if I’m totally off as just learning about SmartThings etc.

The presence sensor is either present or away. It does not have a distance from the hub variable. Depending on how far away your car is, it might toggle between both states, but you’ll have to test that

How does it know then? How are others using it. If it can’t communicate with the hub it must be away I presume then. So what is the distance from the hub that it can be before it’s away?


That is how it works. It’s either in range of the hub or not. Mine registers as present about 30-40 ft from the nearest Zigbee repeater (the original motion sensor when plugged in is a repeater). It really depends on the strength of your Zigbee network and what kind of walls you have between the hub and the presence sensor